Chapter XV

Chapter XV

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter XV

            Celia sat on the floor trying to wrap her present to Amadeo (their father) and Isabel (their step-mother). The silvery wrapping glistened in the firelight as Celia cut down the middle.

           “What did you buy them?”

          “A Scentee. One of my professors sells them after class. Place your finger on the top.”

          January did as she was told. Celia started to tie the bow around her finger.

          “What did you buy me?” January asked without being shy. It was more curiosity then selfishness.

          Celia smiled. “I’m not telling.”

          January had already told Celia what her present was. She had bought her a $30 gift card to a Sheetz. She didn’t plan to give her the card until tomorrow (Christmas day).

          Normally Celia and January told each other everything. Christmas seemed like a chance for there to be a secret.

          On Friday Celia had drove to ABAU and they both when down to Virginia Beach to be with their father for Christmas.

          Their Nonno and Nonna were in too. Nonna had cooked a full authentic Italian Christmas meal. The muscles were filling enough for January and she didn’t partake of the wine.

          It was 1am and Nonna lay on the couch sleeping. Celia and January still went into the living room to wrap everyone’s Scentee.

          “Celia…” January started. “How is school?”

          “Well, why do you ask?”

          January looked down at her hands. “No real reason. I have to write an essay.” She lied. “It’s on abortion. I was wondering what you though about it.” She lied again.

          After last week she had spent all her time on the computer looking up about abortions. The more she thought about it more abortion seemed to be the right answer. On the 30th she would come to the beginning of her second trimester. The sad thing was that she could only have the abortion on January 2nd.

          “Abortion is a Mortal sin, and thus you may forfeit going to heaven.”

          “But what if you really need one…”

          Celia paused and looked up at January. “Are you sure this is for school?”

          January’s face became a deep red. “I’m not a s**t! How dare you!”

          Celia stood up and picked the presents off the floor. “If you really want to know more about what we believe about abortion I believe you should talk to a priest.”

          January watched Celia place all the present under the tree before stopping the fire and going to bed.

          The morning came with an explosion to smells, loud conversations and music.

          Lying in her bed January would have sat out Christmas but at 9am Celia talked January into coming into the kitchen.

          Nonno and Nonna had kept true to the Italian tradition of celebrating Christmas all though December and they had just finished up the celebrating at Amadeo’s home.

          One of the first things Nonna had done was put up a handmade presepe (Nativity scene). Thankfully novena had passed and they wouldn’t have to say the prayers.

Christmas Eve was a day of fasting and all the while Nonno complained that the Christmas tree wasn’t Italian enough. They had stopped along enough for the pronzo delta vigilia on Christmas Eve night.

          The food on Christmas day consisted of espresso and antipasti and pasta with walnut cream sauce.

          Once present were passed out wine was pored. January once again didn’t partake in the wine.

          As January had expected Celia had given her a Scentee. She was sure they were illegal in the dorms, but she still planned to take it back with her and use it.

          As Nonno, Nonna, Isabel and Amadeo drank they switched between English and Italian.

           “You look good January.” Nonna said. “Lei sembra più bella di tutti i giorni.”

          “Mamma, you’re speaking in Italian again.” Amadeo was quick to say.

          Nonna laughed and hick-upped. “It’s so hard to know what I’m saying some times.”

          “Grazie. Ti amo Nonna.” January responded in the little Italian she knew.

          The more the adults drank the more careless they became. At that point Nonno and Nonna only spoke in Italian and January quit trying to understand them.

          They weren’t drunk; no they were just talking about something that they didn’t want Celia, January and Isabel to know about.

          Celia and January began their own conversation. By then they had moved on to January’s room.

          “Do you ever think about your mom?” January asked. Celia is only January’s half sister and she never knew her real mother. Lily was Celia’s first stepmother and she didn’t act like she was anything but. Celia never cared to have a mother like women in her life. Sure she cared about Lily and still talks to her but it wasn’t the same.

          “Not really. I stopped caring when I was seventeen. I see bits of Dad in myself and the odd bits that don’t correlate I just assume came from her.”

          January was quiet.

          “I’ve been e-mailing Lily. She sounds like she’s doing well; Maia and George, too. Do you miss her?”

          “Of course, but I don’t see Dad, Nonno or Nonna much.”

          There was laugher downstairs but it soon died off. “What do you think they’re talking about?” Celia asked.

          January shrugged and leaned against the foot of her bed. “What ever they feel like talking about. It’s rude for them to talk in Italian knowing we barely know a few words.”

          Celia lay out on the floor. “I guess when you become of an older age you have permission to be rude.”

          That night Celia slept on January’s floor and January slept beside her.

© 2011 Calypso

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Christmas with shadows....I'm thinking she's going to have the baby.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I like the conversation. Religion can confuse a situation. Some decision are permanent and leave scars forever. A very strong chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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