Chapter XVI

Chapter XVI

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter XVI

          January had seen Nonno and Nonna off when they left for the plane back to Chicago.

          This morning they only spoke in English and January and Celia was happy they did.

          Once they were gone January helped Amadeo clean the house. Amadeo had gone back to his office to see the few patients he had that day. Celia had left with him so that he could fill the twp cavities she had gained since the beginning of the school year. She had come back with five toothbrushes and with a long lecture ringing in her ear.

          January was herself was getting ready for the night. While Celia was gone January loudly played Job For a Cowboy (Isabel was at her office too).

          She had packed her self a blanket; pillow, a bottle of Tylenol, a liter of water, food, and a book. She took all these things and sat them in her trunk. She figured she would sleep in her car after the abortion. There would be no way she could drive herself home. She had brought drink fruit and nuts to eat while in the car.

          She had taken her purse with $500 and also put it in the trunk. She figured that the abortion would cost her about that amount.

          She could hardly think that day. She was a zombie when she drove to the abortion clinic.

          She wrapped her self tightly with a scarf and blanket as she came out of her car.

          On the right side of the door stood five people all holding signs that said things like ‘Does your doctor kill?’ or ‘It’s a child, not a choice’, On the left side was another five people who also had signs that read ‘Don’t waste your life’ and ‘Think about what you need’.

          January wondered why there without any type of law enforcement near by. Mixing people who are pro-choice and pro-life is like mixing two dangerous chemicals in Chemistry class.

          January paused before stepping in front of the doors. Both side took their chance and yelled out a mixture of raise and hate for abortion.

          “Do you realize that you would be a murderer if you kill the child?” As January tried to walk into the Planned Parenthood an old women had grabbed the sleeve of her jacket.

          The woman was heavily wrapped up but January could remember the face from somewhere. Somewhere she had seen her and…

          It was an old vacation Bible schoolteacher. She was from the church January went to when she was in Virginia Beach, they all were.

          January torn her arm from the women’s grip and ran into the warm and bright center.

          There were women large and small, dirty and clean, young and old standing and sitting in the waiting room. A radio was playing but on one’s nerves were calmed by it.

          January walked up to the window. “I’m here for an…”

          January couldn’t say the word but the secretary knew what she wanted. “Just fill out these papers and came back in a few.”

          January took the brown clipboard handed to her along with a pen from a coffee mug nearby.

          She sat by a young girl who was nervously zipping and unzipping her jacket.

          “Baby daddy didn’t come with you?” She asked rudely.

           “He was just a sperm donor.”

          On the sheet they asked for her name, birthday, address (she put down her ABAU P.O. Box to be safe), phone number and SSI number. This was all easy but the harder questions were coming up. They asked what week she was at and she guess and wrote down 13 weeks. They asked if there was a father. The questions also included things like if she was having relationships with anyone else besides the father.

          She watched people going behind the mysterious door and she wanted what was waiting for her back there. She had spent hours on Google the night before and she knew what would happen, but she couldn’t stomach it all.

          “January Rossi.” A voice yelled from a distant place. On shaky legs she walked to that door.

          Behind that door were ghostly faces and a grim aura.

          “Follow me.” Said the nurse. She herself looked like she had experimented with drugs and alcohol in her life.

          January was lead down a hall that was as hot as hell into a room as cramped as hell.

          Sitting there was a young woman dressed in dirty clothes.

          “How are you today Miss Rossi.”

          “Shity. January didn’t sit in the seat in front of her.

          “I can understand. You are in a shity position.”

          January crossed her arms over her chest and scanned the room. There were no photos of smiling children or a diploma like you would imagine in someone’s office.

          “Why don’t you sit down?”

          “No, I’m good.”

          “Why is that you want an abortion today?”

          January thought about turning and running our of the room but instead she answered, “I don’t want this baby.”

          The women laughed coolly, stiffly “Most people don’t. But what is the real reason you don’t want it?”

          “It’s my body and my choice, right?”

          “According to Roe vs. Wade, yes. I’m a counselor and I would like to help you.”

          January doubted she could trust despite that. “Let’s just say that I’ve never wanted this child.”

          The women pursed her lips. “Tell me why. Is it money?”

          “Sure.” January weakly answered.

          “Well I agree with you.” She said lifting her hand. “An abortion may cost $400, but giving birth alone may cost $8,000 and then you have to raise it for 18 years. That’s a lot of money.”

          January nodded.

          “Imagine all the worry you would take off your parents, your self, and your partner. Aborting it will be for the best.”

          January nodded again but this time she spoke, “Maybe I’m not 100% sure I want one.”

          The women became like a snake, attacking with great readiness. “Yes, but your parents would be so happy if you aborted it. I’m sure Mommy and Daddy would cry if they knew that their child never paused once to think about their needs.”

          Something snapped in January and she yelled back. “You don’t know my Mom and dad! They would be more upset if I did abort it! It… my baby! My child!”

          January picked up her purse off the floor and opened the door.

          “How can you be sure?” The devilish women responded.

          “Because I’m not a murderer like you.”



© 2011 Calypso

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That was a really ugly place to go for help. I don't blame her for running out of there. It was like a desolate hell pit! If it had been a kind and compassionate place she'd probably have gone through with the abortion.

Posted 11 Years Ago

You create a hard place to be for a woman. I could feel her desire to run away and be safe from the problem. The scene of the many woman demonstrating made the decision more difficult. A strong ending to a powerful chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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