Chapter XX

Chapter XX

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter XX

          Valentine’s was in the air and it sickened January. As a child her parents bought her conversation hearts and that stopped because she had a tendency to binge on the bright colored, sweet candy and stay up all night because of the binge.

            The only time she had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day was when she was in ninth grade and in retrospect it was silly to consider that a ‘real’ date because they were nothing more then children.

          It seemed college students hooked up every night but on Valentine’s Day before hooking up they ate at a nice restaurant and acted like it was date.

          Xandera went all out on Valentine’s Day. Since January she decided cornrows were the way to go but for her date she brushed out those cornrows and it was the first time in a while January had seen her hair, as long and pretty as the first time she saw her.

          Xandera donned on a slender red dress and according to TV women who wear red on a date ends up getting laid. Although there never had to be a special occasion for Xandera to get laid. 

          “So, ladies who’s going out?”

          “When hell freezes over.” January responded harshly.

          Willow was the better person and chose not to answer.

          Xandera squeezed into her closet and popped out with a pair of black hills. “Aww why not?”

          “Men are b*****d, pigs.” January responded tilting her head to the side.

          “What? Willow what do you say?”

          “I agree.”

          “How can you feel that way?” Xandera jumped to the door.

          “Live our past, and you’ll know.”

          “What does that mean?”

          Willow’s eyes grew wide but before anything else could be said someone opened the door. Apparently I was Xandera’s boyfriend because she left after waving good-bye.

          Willow snapped the book shut, “Yes January what did that mean?”

          When she had said it she hadn’t figured Willow’s emotions in. “I meant nothing by it. You believe men are terrible, don’t you?”

          “No, not because of my one bad brother. There are great men at my church, my father…he works head and is a man after God’s own heart. Do you hate men?”

          January had to think about that one. “I’m not sure.”

          Willow moved around a bit before tucking herself under her quilt. “I’m not mad, I just wish you would speak for yourself.”

          The room was quiet after Willow had lain down January began on her homework. An hour later she was finished for the time being and she could tell Willow wasn’t sleep.

She always plays possum when she lies in bed. She may sleep six hours a day. It was the only way she knew to tell people to shut up or leave her alone.

January was about to speak to Willow when Xandera walked though the door.

She was huffing and started taking off her fake diamond earring. Without a speck of modesty she took off her dress too, folded it up and put it in the closet.

“The dorm adviser is a b***h.”

Xandera started picking up shorts that were lying on the floor and seeing if they were belonged to her.

“Willow’s sleeping.”

Xandera glanced over at Willow’s bed and whispered. “I’m an adult and if I want to stay out all night…”

“What happened?” January asked not caring that she had interrupted her.

“Well because you never step out this room, you probably haven’t heard.”


“You remember Jared, the guy you dated?”

“Ya, what about it?”

Xandera picked up another pair of shorts smelled them and then put them on. “He raped a girl.”

January’s blood grew cold. “When…when did it happen?”

“What the rape? Or the news spreading?’

“Ahh… both.”

“People are saying it happened last week, but you know how rumors are. Either way he’s in some deep s**t.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Cause the parents are taking him to court! You can’t just put your penis where you want to and expect everything to be fine! I’m glad you got out before anything happened to you.”

Numbly January nodded.

Xandera didn’t notice that January hadn’t spoke so she went on. “So now id the dorm adviser sees you walking around after dark she’ll send you back to the dorm. They say the school is going to kick Jared out. I hope.”

January laid down on her bed so that the room would stop spinning.

“Are you okay? You look sick.”

“I just need water”

Xandera brought her water and even took the cap off. “You look like you’ve been working too hard. I tell you a date will make you feel better. I have a guy friend who would love you.”

“That’s kind of you, but school is my number one objective right now.”

Willow sat up about that time. She tried to speak but before she could Xandera said. “I sorry if I seem too pusky.”

“It’s okay. I’ll keep saying no anyways.”


© 2011 Calypso

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I like this chapter. Honest and direct words in this chapter. The truth is coming out. A excellent chapter.

Posted 10 Years Ago

That's a major bit of shocking news. I wonder how January is going to react to this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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