Chapter XXIII

Chapter XXIII

A Chapter by Calypso

As the days came and went January decided suicide was the answer. Coming to that conclusion seemed like finding the right answer during the test. After weighting the options everything came to the same answer.

          The plan too was set up so perfectly. She knows things could happen, but it was something she would rather not think about.

          So then as for school, tings were set too. She had told her professors that next week she had to go on vacation. When they asked where she answered ‘Hawaii’.

          It only seemed natural to lie so much before dying. The teachers gave her the work for the next week. She told her professors on Monday and Tuesday. After those days she didn’t come back to class.

          On Tuesday afternoon January e-mail her mom and asked if she could come home. Within minutes her mom e-mailed her back and asked way.

          ‘The school has termites; they have to send all the students home for a week.’ she typed. Lily bought it. January wanted to die at home; where she was most comfortable.

          On Wednesday night she packed her bags. January considered writing letters to Xandera and Willow but decided not to. It would just be better to message then on Facebook the night before.

          On Thursday she stopped eating. It was if she no longer cared. All day long she ate and drank nothing. After lying in bed all day she felt sick. The child inside of her wanted food but she didn’t feel like supplying it that. Her head was spinning as she walked down the hallway and bought a Gatorade. That was enough for her.

          On Friday she packed her car with her things. She left Xandera and Willow without even telling them she was leaving. During the drive to North Carolina January mused driving off the side of the road, but she didn’t want to die alone or leave her body to the elements.

            Coming home on Friday night left her felling sick, but welcomed. Lily rushed outside and hugged her daughter. Maia was upstairs but came by and wanted to play. January shooed her away as she unpacked her bag.

          During dinner January picked at her food but made it look like she ate most of her meal.

          At night she watched TV until 5am. By then she was tired, but didn’t think about sleeping. Today was going to be the day she died.

© 2011 Calypso

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Trapped in an awful dark pit of depression. This tragedy just keeps getting worse and worse for January.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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