Chapter XXVIII

Chapter XXVIII

A Chapter by Calypso

     “How are you this morning?” Mr. Key asked. He had his brown, leather suitcase in one hand and a Styrofoam cup of coffee in the other.

          “Good, they are taking good care of me at the hospital.”

          Mr. Key finished off his coffee and crushed the cup with his hand. “Well then let’s step in and get this shindig over with.”

          Easier said then done, though January. For Mr. Key this was another day at the job, but for January this decided where she would live for the next months.

          In the courtroom January’s psychiatrist, the doctor that treated her in the ER, and a nurse sat where the jury would be.

           “Go ahead and sit down.” Mr. Key said kindly.

          January was extremely nervous and she was surprised she didn’t trip over her feet when walking.

          “Good afternoon everyone.” A tall, skinny man walked upon the highest platform and sat down. This most have been the judge. “So how is Miss Rossi doing lately?”

          The psychiatrist stood up and said, “She has been taking part in actives but she says she still would like to hurt herself.”

          “Do you have her on a medication?”

          “If we put her on anything it would have to be an anti-depressant, and it’s advised for pregnant women to not take them.”

          “Birth defects, right?”

          “Yep and Miss Rossi still is having problems.”

          “Dr. Muezzin could you tell us what shape Miss Rossi was in when she came to the hospital.”

          The psychiatrist sat down and the ER doctor stood up. “Miss Rossi was alert when she came in. Her step-father had revived after finding her.”

          “How long was she out?”

          “It seems ten minutes. She stopped breathing a minute before she was found.”

          “How do you know that?”

          “From reports from her and her stepfather.”

          “And why do you thinks he did it?”

          “Well she was raped and is now pregnant with her attacker’s child.”

The judge moved around some papers before saying, “Thank you very much.”

          The next person to stand up was the nurse.

          “Mrs. Nordic how would you say Miss Rossi acts on a day to day basis?”

          “Sad, tired, sleepy, but she does what we tell her to. She has never raised her voice nor has she been hard to deal with.”

          “How much a day do you interact with her?

          “About 8 hours a day. Other nurses interact with her, but since I’m the head nurse I do most of it.”

          “Thank you Mrs. Nordic.”

          The women sat down and the judge said, “January Rossi you sound like a great girl, but I think it would be for your sake, and the child’s sake, that you stay in a mental health facility for one more week. I hope you feel better soon.”

          January had a sinking feeling but there was nothing she could do about it.

          After walking out of the courtroom with Mr. Key she was escorted by the nurse back to the hospital where she packed her things, and was taken to the mental health facility a town over.

© 2011 Calypso

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Too bad. I hope she gets past this desire to hurt herself.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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