Chapter XXX

Chapter XXX

A Chapter by Calypso


“Thank you for being here Dr. Sonia Penny. How could you describe Miss Rossi’s state the best way you can?” Mrs. Door said.

            Dr. Penny looked different in tight dress clothes and high heels. It’s not that January was accepting much.

          “Miss Rossi came into the hospital’s ER 8:15 a.m. on October 1st. She was in a confused and upset state. She was able to request a rape counselor. Then she asked for a rape kit.”

          “Do you believe it’s odd that someone in her state had enough sense to ask for a rape kit and a rape counselor?”

          “Not at all. She had time to sleep off some of the drug.”

          Mrs. Door took a step back and January could tell she was formulating a question.

          “Had Miss Rossi been drinking that night?”


          “And what was her B.A.C.?”

          “. 09”

           “Are you aware that according to New York state law over .08 is considered legal intoxication, but for someone under 21 alcohol is illegal to consume?”


          “For the Jury’s sake will you please explain some down sides to drinking while in college in particular?”

          “Many people who drink in college will perform worse in class, make bad decisions or maybe drink so much that they can die.”

          “What kind of ‘bad decisions’ have you seen colleges made when they were drunk?”

          “Before I have seen students come into the ER bloody from accidents that could have been avoid had they been sober.”

          “What about ‘bad decisions’ like sex? How often do you see cases like that?”

          Mrs. Door placed an arm causally on the rail and leaned in close to Dr. Penny’s face.

          Dr. Penny then looked at January. She looked sad, as if she was sentencing January to the death penalty. “Yes.”

          “How much?” Mrs. Door almost growled.

          “I pled the 5th.” Dr. Penny finally said. She looked like she was debating if she should or shouldn’t.

          “Your honor I would like a recess.”

          “Fine. Ten minutes recess.”



          January’s feet ached and her ankles swelled up big time. She was lucky she was able to ware the high heels still.

          Mr. Key had walked out of the room clutching a water bottle. His knuckles looked white and that made January nervous.

          January followed behind him to find her family collected by the door. They were all speaking in hushed tones. When January came close to them they all stopped in the middle of what ever they were doing.

          “Hi Mom.” January said with a soft voice. Everyone turned around and faced her.

          “H…hi Janus. How are you feeling?”

          Since January was released from the hospital she rented out a motel room for a month. She needed the time away from them. When ever anyone called her she turned of her phone. This was the first time she had seen her family and friends in weeks.

          “I’m terrible, awful, but thanks for asking.” She sounded sarcastic, but she was being serious.

          Awkwardly Lily said, “I’m sure when… when  your time comes you’ll feel much better.”

          ‘When your time comes, January thought, ‘Am I dying?’

          “I assume so too.”

          “I hope you plan to keep the child.” Lily said right out. After time to think about it January decided to keep the child. It was the least she could do after trying to passively kill it.

          “Sure I will.” she tried to smile back, but her lip just curled into a biter grimace.

          “Good. I’m sorry Janus. I just can’t trust you right now.” Lily didn't sound apologetic either.


          “You should have told me that you were pregnant, that you…”

          “Well I’m sorry Mom!” January found herself yelling. “Maybe if I wasn’t so afraid of you and Dad judging me! Dad in particular!”

          Amadeo looked extremely angry. “Don’t you blame me for what you did! You’re an adult now!”

          “Janus I just don’t you to end up like this mothers who though their babies in dumpsters.”         

“Just to let you know I did think about aborting this child! But then I realized it’s a part of me!”

January shoved Lily off to the side. “Excuse me. I’m pregnant and have to piss.”



“Hello Dr. Penny. How are you?” Mr. Key held her hand sweetly, as if he was flirting with her.

          “I’m feeling good.”

          “Now Mrs. Door had asked you questions pertaining to the negative decisions one can make when intoxicated. What are some other things that can happen?”

          “Object!” Mrs. Door said that a fierce voice.

          The judge then turned to Mr. Key. “I’d rather you not make a statement before asking a question.”

          Mr. Key leaned against the witness stand and nodded.

          “To answer your question,” Dr. Penny started with a clear voice, “there have been cases where patients were raped while drunk.”

          “During your time working with rape victims did they pour their own drinks, or did someone pressure them into drinking it?”

          “Objection!” Mrs. Door yelled this time. “Your honor he’s leading her on.”  Mrs. Door was starting to remind January of an a*s kissing teacher’s pet.

          “Over ruled. Go on Mr. Key.”

          “As I was saying, were they or weren’t they pressured into drinking the alcohol?”

          “In most of the cases I see?”

          “Yes. What have you seen in particular to female college students?”

          Dr. Penny looked at January for a nano-seconds but then switched over to Jared. “Most girls are pressured by a boy they like.”

          “Thank you doctor. Prosecution rests.”



© 2012 Calypso

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Excellent story. I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping that her rapist ends up in jail for a very very long time. Maybe he'll get more time since there are two victims here. Too bad her parents are treating her so badly. Again, I really enjoyed this and I'm sure the rest of the story is just as excellent as what I read here.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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