Chapter XXXI

Chapter XXXI

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter XXXI


January woke to the sounds of the TV. She wanted to hide in her hotel bed, but instead she went to the courtroom. The day was going to be an important day because it will be when the biological evidence will be shown; the rape counselor was a witness.

She could hardly remember what the women looked like. When she showed up in court she wore a black pants suit. Not until the slender, young women stated her name did January recall the women.

“Mia Brunswick, do I have that right?” Mr. Key asked. He placed his glasses on the bridge of his nose, but kept his finger on the leg them.


“Could you please state your legal name for the jury?”

“Mia Jean Brunswick.” With every word her curls bounced. A little too energetic, a personality trait January didn’t remember.

“And what degrees or level of education do you have?”

“I earned my bachelors in psychology from Collins University. Then I earned my masters in psychology from University of Michigan.”

“Where do you currently work and what is your job?”

“I work at New York University Hospital as a rape counselor.”

Mr. Key rubbed his chin, and then pulled off his glasses so that you could see him squinting. He wanted to make people believe he was confused, but really he was figuring out his next five moves.

“Do you remember the night that Miss Rossi was omitted into the hospital? What happened to her that night?”

Of course she didn’t remember, but thanks to the use of notes she could act like she did.

“Miss Rossi came into the hospital drugged by Roofies, but aware of her surroundings. Naturally her mind was fogy and I would gamble my life savings that she still has wholes in her memory.”

“Wholes? Why would there be ‘wholes’ in a person’s memory?”

“Originally the purpose of Rohypnol, or Roofies people call it, is originally a prescription used to treat insomnia in some countries.”

“A sleeping pill?” He cocked a hand. “That sounds crazy! Anyone can tell if they are ingesting a pill.”

There were a few whispers behind January. If Mr. Key doesn’t tone down the sarcasm then the idiots in the jury may believe him.

“Rohypnol is tasteless, odorless and can easily dissolve in a carbonated drink.”

“Okay then. What kind of drinks did Miss Rossi consume on the night of the alleged rape?”

“She never said. She was in such a haze and fog when she came to the hospital. She was able to ask for a rape kit and a rape counselor, but that was it.”

“Thank you, you are dismissed. Next I would like to call up a toxicologist, Dr. Bern Greenwald.”

The man looked like Freud, but missing the cigar and bushy beard. As he spoke he whizzed and coughed as if he was coming over a bad cold, or a dozen cigarettes.

          “Good day Dr. Greenwald. Thank you being here.”

          He coughed in a tissue, then shoved it back in to the front pocket of his suit. “Just doing taking my part in the court.”

          Mr. Key seemed friends with the guy. You could tell by the softer tone. “

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Good chapter.

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