Anthropomorphic Seed

Anthropomorphic Seed

A Poem by Calypso

[#1 Play]

Tell me the same

Cause you’re the death of my mind.

Let me be your Anthropomorphic Seed

The end was the same.

If your memory could kill

I’d be yours once again.

I love ya.

I miss ya.

Why did you lie to me of you being alive.

Oh, Dear loving God here comes the Shame again.

[#2 Intro]

Kill the hollowness inside

Piece together the glass shreds.

This faceless monster

can have me no more!

End it.

End it…

Because I’m the Anthropomorphic Seed.

I'm the human like child.

[#3 Recorder]

Tell me once again who I hate.

Tell me once again…

Why who you hate…

Is the people I hate.

I only play what has been recorded. Tell me once again because I must have forgotten this millionth time.

I hate THEM because YOU told me to.

I hate YOU because THEM told me to.

Once again to satisfy you I will be the Anthropomorphic Seed.

Of one more weekend

[# 4 The broken truth]

I can’t live with the shame.

I have no reason to live.

I’m nothing.

I want to die.

[#5 1 Corinthians 6:19-20]

God is Great

God is Good

I would change myself if I could.

This demon is strong

I know this sounds like a ringing gong

But I’m losing to the battle tonight.

I wonder if things will ever be alright

The war has gone on forever

The enemy is clever

I fell like I have no soul

Take my life whole

I’ve been wrong

For all this long

I don’t want to do this again


[#6 Cutting]

The razorblades.
It had rusted from many nights.
Blood, the wine of my body.
I would much rather become intoxicated
from the cuts lining down my arm.
It makes my head spin.
It stopped the tears for the time being.

[#8 Death of Middle, birth of End]

This is the same lyrics you know who it goes

Says the Middle

But this has a twist

Says the End.

Tell me your secrets

Says the Middle

But I’ll never tell you mine

Says the End.

Oh, Dear loving God here comes the Shame again.

Says the Beginning.

[#7 Moonlight]

I fell it,

within my soul.

YOU don’t trust like you used to.

THEY never care, neither do I.

The moonlight baths the emotional scars

and I end up

crying, once more.

I can’t live with out YOU

Despite my hate

My rage.

I’m too codependent.

I need to be your Anthropomorphic Seed

So I feel useful.

Oh, Dear loving God here comes the Shame again.

[#8 I’m cutting the stings]

This is the end,

I promise.

Finally YOU are not my controller

and THEY are not at fault.

My choice.

My poem.

Listen when I say I try.

YOU have no control.
Your words no longer sting.
I've decide to no longer let you
have that power of me.

[#9 Pause, replay]

I hate to say it but

You fill my empty soul with your bitterness

And it becomes my own.

I daydream

I daydream of when YOU and THEM don’t matter

I daydream

How will I survive in the real world?

Is this the Answer?

And the Question?

The past was a nightmare.

The present is scary.

The future will be unquestionable.

But I will never your Anthropomorphic Seed

Again! Amen!

[#10 Lets kick it Merriam- Webster style]


θrə pəˈm"r fɪk/ [an-thruh-puh-mawr-fik]


1. ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human,

2. resembling or made to resemble a human form

© 2012 Calypso

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I love it. It is amazing. Keep up the amazing work

Posted 10 Years Ago

This poems was interesting to say the least. You did a great job conveying you feelings in this poem. I loved it all :) You did a wonderful job. I agree with Coyote that Struggle and decisions are made daily to make us stronger.

Posted 10 Years Ago

The poem is amazing. You took me on a journey into thoughts and life. Life is not easy for anyone. Struggle and decisions are made daily to make us stronger or we can fall down forever.
"I’m too codependent.
I need to be your Anthropomorphic Seed
So I feel useful.
Oh, Dear loving God here comes the Shame again."
Thank you for the outstanding poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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