Butters Sotch: A Personality Profile

Butters Sotch: A Personality Profile

A Story by Calypso

In this I am analyzing his personality and showing what perceptive on psychology explains it. Non-fiction


Part 1:

Leopold "Butters" Scotch could easily be the kindest character on South Park. This fourth-grade student is naïve, optimistic and passive. His attitude is very wholesome and he does not like to take part in coursing like the characters surrounding him. As a matter of fact he would much rather say ‘Oh, hamburgers’ when something goes wrong.

            His kindhearted, yet easily pushed around, nature does get him into sticky situations. During the sixth season he is adopted by the three main characters as their new best friend. When Butters starts hanging out with Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh they will repeatedly abuse and bully him. Along with being the butt of his friend’s jokes he also has home problems.

            As according to the episode ‘Butters Very Own Episode’ his father is a closet bisexual and his mother are emotional unstable. When butter’s mom finds out that her husband has been cheating on her with a man she goes ‘crazy’. She decides the best thing to do is to push her car with Butters inside, into a lake. Instead of dying like she had planned Butters lived, came home, but all the while he was joyful and happy.

            Beyond the surface Butters is not nice and kind. As a way to cope with the family troubles and bullying he comes up with an alter ego called Professor Chaos. Professor Chaos proclaims that he will destroy the world and make everyone pay. Although his plans to destroy the world are trivial Butters will become Professor Chaos from time to time when he feels like he is being mistreated.

            Part 2:

            I believe the best way to describe Butter’s personality is with the humanistic perspective. According to the 1950’s theorists Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Karen Horney people are neither naturally good or bad. They also believed that the motivation for a behavior comes from that person’s unique tendencies whither they were learned or happens naturally. This can explain Butter’s need to repay who has hurt him. The desire comes from within him; it is his free choice.

© 2012 Calypso

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