A Poem by Harley (arbiter)

I could rewrite Luke's do I
But I'd rather say I do
Because all I want in this life is you

Listen hun I know it's hard
You stay with me
And all my insecurity
Is it for the D
No I'm kidding
But seriously

I know your hurting
Staying with me
But deep inside
There's the ol Harley
And I want us to the way we used to be
And I'm trying
But nothing goes my way
I keep failing day by day
I want to pull you back in my arms
Win back that summer love
For the future we can't see

F**k rhyming
Imma speak blunt from my heart
I'm a dick
And a prick
And a man c**t to boot
You could easily hit better but you don't shoot
I really don't know why
But for it I'm so glad
I couldn't lose you again
I wouldn't survive
I cry at night
I'm losing you
I try to woo you back
But it always comes out wrong
And we get further apart
And I sing another sad song
I'm terrified to lose you
I'd rather die
But I don't treat right
Even when I try
I put you through Hell
And your still here
I honestly don't know why

So please
Don't let this flame die
Because it is me
And I wouldn't lie
We'll get back to before
The simple you and I
When all there was
Was our lips touch
And we were truly us
And loved too much
I vow to get better
And I vow to provide
Now I'll finish this letter
Thank you for being mine

© 2014 Harley (arbiter)

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wow...i can feel the sincerity in every words..keep on writing sir..:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on January 9, 2014
Last Updated on January 9, 2014


Harley (arbiter)
Harley (arbiter)

the age of classic rock , AR

I am different. I am the unforgiven. I was born october 1997. I just write because I want to express my feelings in more ways than music and art. I'm just a guy trying to get out of the rain and sur.. more..