Chapter 1: Another Piece of the Puzzle that Doesn`t Fit.

Chapter 1: Another Piece of the Puzzle that Doesn`t Fit.

A Chapter by ♥ Tanisha ♥

Kasumi`s the new girl at school. She doesn`t quite fit in. She's from Japan and they do things abit differently than what Cali does. Can Kasumi fit in with the Cali kids at her new highschool?


       Ugh, first day of  school today.  Just great, new people, new country, new school. How will this go? Well, can`t stay in bed any longer. I must go and find out.


    Kasumi sighed and huffed as she got out of bed. This is the 2nd time she`s moved to go to a new school. Her hometown (Japan) was where she lived all her life. She remembers the beautiful trees, the soft, calm music that played whenever she popped her head out of the window. What she remembered the most was the kids that giggled and laughed when they played games. All that changed when she moved to England. It was hard to get used to things since everything they did was way different than what she did in Japan. After awhile she got used to their ways. Then her dad found a wonderful job in California, which was all the way in the United States. Once again they moved and here they are now in Los Angeles, California. Kasumi wasn`t sure she would like the place, but you can`t judge a book by it`s cover.


   "Kasumi, hurry downstairs, you don`t want to be late for your first day of school!" Her mom yelled from the kitchen. "Oh yes, cause I really want to go." She rolled her eyes as she got dressed. She then headed to the bathroom to comb her shoulder-length purple hair, brush her teeth, and put make up on her eyes, cheeks, and etc. Finally she headed downstairs where she was greeted by her parents. "Hey pumpkin! Ready for your first day?" Her dad asked. "No, I`m not." She plopped down in the chair next to her dad and ate her breakfast. "Aw, come on hun, give it a chance. I heard it`s a great school!" Her mom smiled and gave her a hug. Kasumi once again rolled her eyes and sighed. "I don`t know if I`ll fit in, mom." "Nonsense! Plenty of people will like you!" Her dad put down the paper he was looking at and looked her in the eye. "Don`t listen to what anybody tells you, they don`t know who you are until they get to know you. To us you`re a very wonderful girl." Kasumi couldn`t help but smile at that. "Thanks dad!"


   "Gotta go!" Kasumi kissed both of her parents on their cheeks, gathered her stuff, and left. She didn't live too from the school so she walked. As she was walking she noticed a girl and a guy walking together. They must`ve heard her walking too because they turned and looked at her. "Hey!" The girl yelled and gave a welcoming smile. Kasumi gave a shy smile and said "Hello." "You must be new, hi, I`m Tanisha and this is my boyfriend, Cris." Tanisha had shoulder-length brown hair with a little bit of black in it. She had a caramel skin color, and dark brown eyes. She was a very beautiful girl. Cris had black hair which was in a faux hawk. He had a tanned skin color, and also brown eyes, but they were a bright color.  "Uh, yeah, I am. I`m Kasumi, but call me Kassy." She smiled. "Nice to meet you Kassy!" Tanisha and Cris said in unison. "So, what grade are you guys in?" "12th, what about you?" Tanisha asked. "I`m in 12th also." "Awesome! Hopefully we have classes together!"


   They arrived at the school and entered. The halls were busy as ever. People showing off their new gear, talking about the hottest tunes from the summer, how much they missed eachother, and how this year would be. Kasumi began to feel very nervous. I  can`t do this! These people are way out of my league. I can`t do it. Kasumi thought.  "Hey, let me show you the office so you can get your schedule." Tanisha guided her to the office. Kasumi got her schedule and looked at it. "Hey! You have 5 classes with me! Suh-weet." She smiled. They headed for their first class: Science. "Class, to make  it easier you`ll just do a worksheet where you`ll get the answers from the book." The teacher smiled and let the class work. Kasumi got frustrated with one question. Fernando, the most popular guy in school, looked at her and asked "having trouble?" Kasumi looked up and met eyes with the most gorgeous guy she`s ever seen. He smiled. "Uh, yeah with number 5." As he began telling her the answer she couldn`t help but feel watched. She turned to see a girl with long brown hair glaring at her. She then began to think of what Tanisha told her in the hall "that`s Olalla and Fernando, the most popular couple in school.." So that was her.


.. To be continued!

© 2011 ♥ Tanisha ♥

Author's Note

 ♥ Tanisha ♥
So this is the first story I ever gave thought to. I may turn it into a book, or something like that. Tell me if I should continue. :)

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and put make up on her eyes, cheeks, and etc.0 and put on makeup
He had a tanned skin color- he's skin was tan
her hair was a carmael coor-she had caramel colored skin
Hm, i guesss it seems intresting...

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 ♥ Tanisha ♥
♥ Tanisha ♥

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