Homunculus Heart

Homunculus Heart

A Poem by unimportant

my first real poem. it tells a story, as all poems do i guess...

A new beginning, its starting now
my previous life will not drag me down.
so many years of being alone,
a rock-like exterior i had to have grown.
"not a soul will reach me for as long as i stand, all and all that was my master plan.
and yet something happed, that was not quite in place.
my whole world was change by your beautiful face...
questioning everything that came into mind
but my true question was "could it be love this time?"
shy and ever cautious i walked up to you and said 
"hello, nice to meet you"
that pack of cards was my one true ace,
i showed you a trick and a smile shot through your face.
then something happed that i cant quite remember,
on that cold cold day in the middle of December...
my rock-like exterior began to crumble apart,
as it was touch by your pure, innocent loving heart.
from that point on friendship grew as i waited for the perfect moment to say
"dear, how i love you."
over time it was each other we got to know,
our short walks home, and that time i pushed you into the snow.
slowly but surely we grew close still,
until i couldn't stand to be with out you and my lovely thrill.
swallowing my pride, i dragged you aside
and slowly asked you the question i held deep inside.
"I love you" i said, my face a bright red glow,
to witch you replied "i love you too, but my parents just cant know"
and then it was done.
the rocks fell from my skin and for the first time i was warmed by the sun.
As if forgetting my troublesome past,
i held my head high as i walked into class.
the next we mounts were a trial for sure,
could i really learn to love so innocently and pure?
My Homunculus heart,
rapped up in my now freed Golem skin,
was tasked to pump blood for my long last twin.
my other half of perfect light, the one who saved my from my blight.
so we laughed and cried, we hugged and kissed,
all the while not a single day we would miss.
to this day i remember my famous phrase...
"Have you ever been kissed on the roof in the rain?"
and then it hit me like a bullet through the brain,
a new master plan that i must frame.
"To be together forever, until the end of time"
"there is nothing on this planet that will stop me from 
keeping you mine."

© 2011 unimportant

Author's Note

what do you all think?

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Added on February 28, 2011
Last Updated on February 28, 2011
Tags: love, hate, alone, together, caring, resentment, forgiveness, depression, poem



MAPLE, ON, Canada

im just a nobody here in this world really. nothing to do, and nowhere to go. more..