Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by unluckeys

We are starting to learn that something isn't right with poor Liam. Will it be to much for hte family to handle? Will Damien get him back? Will I ever stop asking questions??


“Hello Miss, pleasure to see you again.” The police officer said with a bow of his hat. He was a well respected item in this small town, yet his job hardly was eventful. He would deal with the occasional visitor getting too drunk at the bar, the town drunk needing a place to sleep- maybe a petty robbery of a pack of gum from the Spencer boys- nothing eventful. Nothing like this. He knew what had to be done, but he wasn’t exactly sure on how to do it.

He laid his eyes on the fourm behind Ms. Ferguson, sitting on a chair with knees to his chest. He was shaking out of fear- fear for what? 'Maybe he was afraid of being attacked,' he thought as he took off his hat and approached the fearful man. Ms. Ferguson looked at him with pleading eyes, then back at the man, her words reaching him without voice. She looked almost as if she aged 2 years overnight.

“Hey there son... What is your name?” The sheriff said with a soft voice, keeping a respectful distance. He leaned down slightly, so that his own 6'2" height wouldn't scare the man more.

“L-Liam....” He spoke softly, his voice shaking with fear... The sheriff could now see what happened- his body covered with bruises, his back covered in bandages. He looked a mess.

The sheriff could hardly understand who could do such a thing. He stared in shock. “Well, Liam, We are going to get you all safe now, you won’t have to worry about nothin’... Just tell Ms. Ferguson here what happened.” He said, taking out a pad and paper, and a voice recorder. He gave Ms. Ferguson a nod to encourage him. It could be hard for him to speak to a total stranger, so speaking to Ms. Ferguson was easier.

“D-Damien......Came in through the door, he’s r-really charming like that... A-And he came in here....He tied me up...He hurt me... He raped me... and locked me in the closet... attached a note to my chest... and left before Carter came back...” Liam said, looking as if he was talking only to Ms. Ferguson.

“Tell her Liam, what does Damien look like?” The sheriff asked softly, looking at Ms. Ferguson. She was blushing a light pink color- She had let him in. She felt horrible She was the reason he got hurt like this- because she assumed the best out of him... But Liam is true, he was really charming.

Liam stared at her. What was he going to do? Betray Damien and describe his appearances to the police? Or was he going to stay loyal and lie, to keep himself and these strangers all safe? He opened his mouth, took a large breath in, then let it out. He felt as if Damien’s eyes was bearing into the back of his head.

“Okay.... He...He.. is uhh...” Liam stuttered. He decided to lie, once again, to the police. “He’s lean, with brown hair and hazel eyes... He has a uhh... t-tatoo on his left arm, barbwire....” Liam said, avoiding eye contact with anyone. He felt the approval of Damien in his mind, which he really enjoyed, yet he heard a unhumorous chuckle in the door frame.

“You're still protecting him! That’s not him!” Carter bursted out. He had been standing in the hallway, listening closely. Liam stared at him, his eyes filled with the same fear that Liam got when looking at Damien. Carter was sizzling with anger.

“Excuse me, mom, Sheriff, can I have a word with Liam here privately?” Carter asked, regaining his composure. He had to get why he was protecting him. The Sheriff gave Ms. Ferguson a look before standing up and walking out of the room. Carter watched as his mom followed soon after.

Liam carefully got up, to struggle on at least some underwear. He sat on the bed, getting on boxers carefully, not wanting to stretch his self. He knew Carter was going to yell. He expected it. He even expected himself to get hit again, because he always has.

Carter sat down next to Liam, avoiding looking at him. “Liam...Just tell me why... Why you are protecting him? What had he done to you? Why is all of this is happening, why? Just...Why?” Carter was reaching for answers. He couldn’t understand any of this. His feelings for Liam, his heart breaking every time he saw him struggle to help Damien, why he lied, everything- He just needed some kind of clue.

“...Damien is... Dangerous... He is going to hurt you... One way... Or another.....I just... If I leave tonight he promised not to hurt you. I don’t want any of you to suffer for me. “ Liam answered thoughtfully, getting socks onto his cold feet. His back stung, yet he knew soon it would turn into a dull pain.

“But that’s why we are helping you. So you don’t have to suffer anymore. So you can be safe, you can be here.. With me.... Safe- not with some lunatic!” Carter said quickly, though he regretted it soon as it left his lips. That implied his actual feelings. He didn’t want Liam to know. He didn’t. He knows it could scare Liam away. Liam sat in silence, thinking of what he said. He fit a sock onto his foot, looking at the wall.

Stay here? With him? In this beautiful land, the fresh air? With him? He looked over at Carter- He wasn’t bad looking, he had to admit. But Liam was just in a bad relationship that will follow him... He was thinking about what Damien said as well. If they knew the truth, the notion to stay there wouldn’t be possible.

“That wouldn’t work... If I don’t go to Damien.. He’s going tell you things.. things about me that you're not going to like... Once you hear it, I’ll be out and on the street and in really trouble... So going to him tonight would be for the best...” Liam said softly, messing with a dress shirt he was going to try and get on.

“What? What do you mean? There isn’t nothing you have done or can do that would make us throw you out onto the street to that crazy man. You’d stay here with us, and get over it... If you were on drugs, or still are, my mom can help you with rehab- it wouldn’t be the first addiction in this house. If it’s anything else- we are a family and you can become a part of it. Liam, listen- Don’t go. I can’t let you go out there and die.” Carter placed his hands onto the shoulder of Liam, making him look him into the eyes. He felt that connection again- the draw that he had to this small, delicate man.

He sat there, staring into his eyes, Liam staring back.. He felt different. Something that he never had before... He leaned in, placing one delicate kiss onto the receiving lips of Liam. The little response he got back drew Carter in for another soft peck onto his lips.

Liam closed his eyes- he could hardly remember the last time he was kissed so gently as this, kissed so softly, so lovingly... He reacted back, putting a hand onto the back of Carters neck to bring him in closer, for a deeper kiss... He felt his inside ignite in a way they haven’t for a long time, starting to get his gears turning... He even heard a soft moan come from his occupied lips.

Though in his mind he wasn’t kissing the butcher, wasn’t kissing Carter- he was getting these passionate kisses from Damien. He knew it wasn’t fair to him, but his mind wanted this, wanted Damien- badly. He wanted to be able to love Damien, to love him with his mind, body, and soul- not live in fear from him...

When finally Carter stopped kissing him, he looked into his eyes. “Please don’t go..” He said, breathlessly. Carter here took way too much from the kiss. He took that Liam had some kind of mutual feeling between them, that he did feel the same desire that Carter felt for him. It was all a big mistake.

Liam started with his eyes wide, unable to answer. He nodded very weakly, turning his entire person away from Carter. He couldn’t believe that he had kissed another man. He was doing what Damien accused him of so often. WITH the person that Damien accused him with.

“Now, I’ll describe things to the police officer out there, you get some rest.” Carter stood up, walking to the window and locking it tight. He wasn’t going to take any chances. He walked out into the hallway, following the voice to the kitchen.

Inside, the police officer and his family were all having a cup of tea. The sheriff was laughing at something his father had said, yet when he saw Carter he stood up and cleared his throat.

“Well, is he willing to cooperate now?” The sheriff asked, rising onto his feet. Carter shook his head and took the free chair, a coy smile on his lips.

“No, but I can describe him to you, and the car he drives... When he was here he threatened Liam, he isn’t going to talk.” Carter gathered himself a cookie, eating it. He went into the truthful description of Damien’s appearance.

In the middle, the phone rang, yet stopped mid first-ring. The family thought nothing of it, always assuming that something as that was the person hanging up, perhaps to think they dialed the wrong number.

Carter and the Sheriff continued their description and a few words on what he is capable of. Ms. Ferguson stood to make a phone call, calling her neighbor to warn him of Damien, and if he saw him to call. Yet- the phone was in use. There was a conversation going on between two people, who she promptly hung it up, not wanting to intrude on other’s business. She made it all the way to her seat before she realized who it was. She looked at her family, all sitting around the table, only one able to answer it. She gasped, covering a hand over her mouth.

“He’s on the phone!” She said, interrupting the Sheriff mid-sentence. He started at her blankly for a moment before jumping up to pick up the phone. Carter was already there, the receiver to his ear. He could hear that sickening voice, the one that amused him before during his commute to work day after day.

Suddenly, it hung up. No notice, no good-bye. He hardly was able to recognize what was being said either. He just wasted this chance to get information on his location. To get some idea of what he was planning to do. He missed this opportunity, his own rage betraying his focus. He put the phone on the receiver and ran to Liam's room.

Liam sat there, on his bed, just playing with a string loose from his blanket. He hardly seemed fazed by the conversation he just had.

“What did he say? What did he do? Why did you answer?!” Carter was so full of questions, thriving in anger he hardly realized he was yelling. Liam just gave him a blank stare.

“Nothing. What are you talking about?” He asked, as if he were innocent. He talked to that man, the one who just raped him. The man who just abused him-again.

“You were on the phone with him! Why didn’t you get one of us?” Carter asked, looking at those blank eyes of Liam’s. Liam was emotionally drained enough to hardly care. He was desensitized to the yelling. Especially since he was sure that Carter wouldn’t lay a hand on him. If he did, he would be in the arms of Damien in a heart beat. He wasn’t going to move from one abusive relationship with a man he loved to one with a man he didn’t.

When Liam heard the phone ring first, he knew by instinct that he had to answer it. Just a deep subconscious thought that it was for him. When he picked up, there was a moment of silence between both of them. Yet it was well known that It was Daimen on the other end of this call.

“Liam... You little w***e, what the f**k do you think you’re doing getting in a liplock with that butcher?” Damien said in disgust. He had witnessed through the window the tongue tossel Liam had with that man.. He saw the way that Liam just allowed it, gave back in it. Damien was pissed, he was right about the w***e, he couldn’t trust him!

‘Liam was suppose to submit to me, no one else.’ He thought as he watched it all happen closely. Liam gave no instruction on the end of it. It was a lonely kiss as well. His blood was close to boiling when finally the Carter boy pushed away from him.

“....Damien... I thought of you... I love you... With all my heart, my body... But not my soul... Because you hurt me Damien! I don’t want you to kill me... To live with that shame- I don’t.. I love you.... I want you....” Liam said those few words that made Damien’s heart skip a beat.

He’s submitting again. That idea of him staying there disappeared. Damien’s anger vanquished in air like water hitting a hot plate. “Liam....You want me again?” Damien said, his voice noticeably a lot happier.

“Damien, I want you. Every aspect of me wants you! But not the pain.. I want the old you... I don’t want to be hurt anymore... I’m tired of crying, I’m tired of living in fear! I want the old you!” Liam said with such authority in his voice that Damien was absolutely shocked. He’s never stood up for himself like this before!

These chicks where really getting to him, Damien thought as he considered what he was saying. He wasn’t sure how to respond. So he did the best thing he could do; he hung up. Liam was left to the buzzer tone, feeling emotionally drained, as if he accomplished something yet nothing was done. He put the phone back on the base and sat back, playing a little bit with a string that fame from the blanket. That’s is when Carter rushed in with his accusations.

“It wouldn't have worked... At least him talking to me made it so he actually listened...” Liam said with such a dry, uninterested voice. It was as if that small conversation changed his aspect on life. Carter could tell he was back on Damien’s side- and he wasn’t sure if he could get him out of that dark anymore.

Carter’s mother walked in, stopping the increasing of tension in the room. Liam felt none of it, he hardly cared. He knew what he wanted, kidnapping him wasn’t going to suddenly change his mind. He was close to it before.... Only if Damien took into thought what he had said. If he takes into mind or to heart that Liam did love him and want him.. Just not his fists, or his insults, Liam would want to be with him as before.

Carter had to make his leave from the room before he attempted to let his anger out. A man not normally use to fits of rage, he was feeling increasingly angered towards Liam. Just.. he didn’t make the right decisions. What was right? Whatever would lead him to be with Carter. That’s what Carter thought was right. It was right for them to be together, not for him and that monster.

Though what is right and what is wrong differs among people.  

“Now, sweetheart, we are gunna make sure someone watches you. We don’t want no one sneaking’ in during the night...” Ms. Ferguson looked back towards the way Carter went. She wondered if letting Carter be here with him would be okay... Or completely the wrong choice.

She decided to wait for him to calm down then be allowed to sit in here with him. She just prayed he didn’t try anything to Liam. Liam was no where emotionally or physically able to partake in any bit of affection, or anger.

Liam nodded blankly, getting himself comfortable into bed. He was so emotionally drained, all he could do was pray for sleep, pray that his kidnapper will allow him the release away into his dreams.

An hour later, Carter returned to the side of Liam. Though he felt as if he was defeated, he knew he still needed to do his all to help Liam. Liam was fast asleep next to him, away into a dreamless sleep.

Carter tried his hardest... He really did. He sat there, twiddling his thumbs, staring at the wall, staring outside- but with to avail. He fell asleep. His exhaustion got the better of him...

The next morning, Liam woke up in a familiar haziness, strong arms wrapped around his waist... He just sat there, not wanting to disturb who he thought was Damien holding onto his waist. He looked at the side table, expecting to see his digital clock. Yet it wasn’t there... neither was that his bedside table... Or his bed... Or Damien’s hands!

Liam jumped up and out of bed, grabbing the blanket to his body. Though he was clothed, he felt very exposed. His body was being shown, his legs seeable. No, no, this wasn’t good, this wasn’t acceptable. Damien didn’t want him seen like this, Damien would kill him for being in another man’s bed, no doubt- even if it wasn’t his choice. Liam eyes began to water. He didn’t know what to do. He was so lost, so confused. He just wanted Damien to help him, hold him, tell him it was going to be alright. He placed his hands onto his ears and shook his head, a large screams bearing deep into his mind.

“No..No! Stop..Stop it..Please..!” Liam cried out, falling to his knees. It was loud enough to wake Carter out of an almost dead sleep. Not only him, but his mother up stairs as well. She came rushing down, finding Liam sitting on his butt, covering his ears, crying out for help. Carter stared at his mother bewildered, he had no idea what was going on.

His mother carefully took Liam’s shoulder, gently hugging him into her strong arms, trying to calm him down. “Shh..Shh...It’s okay Liam... It’s okay..” She cooed into his ear, rubbing his hair back gently. She had no idea just what was going through his head, though she knew it wasn’t good.

Liam held almost a death grip on her shirt, the screaming softening in his head. He was crying, sobbing even. “D-Damien...Damien help...” He cried with his eyes shut tight, not daring to open them. He wanted Damien, he needed him. Damien could fix him.

Ms. Ferguson looked up at Carter with a worried expression on her face. She knew he wasn’t right, he shouldn’t be acting like this. He was calling out for his lover... What did he do to him?

© 2014 unluckeys

Author's Note

Any predictions on what is wrong with Liam?

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