Chapter 7- A Change of heart

Chapter 7- A Change of heart

A Chapter by unluckeys

The possibility of a fix are thrown out the window as something in Carter's head snaps. Carter wants to save Liam worth everything in his life, but how will he do so when Liam doesn't want his help?


Liam woke up about 4 hours later, the sun was still raised high in the sky. Carter could hear his mother working around in the kitchen and living room, the sound he was waiting to end. Carter hadn’t expect Liam to wake up though. He was expecting him to sleep away the day- hoping even so he wouldn’t have to lie, he wouldn’t have to try and think quickly on spot. From previous examples, he knew that he is not capable of doing so intelligently.  

Liam stretched. “Mornin’.” He said with a yawn, looking over at Carter. He felt at total peace, the well-known effects of the drugs finally taking place in his attentive body. He even had become very comfortable with his surroundings, even though it is not a very safe place for him. It wasn’t the place that he had come to know, and as most people Liam usually feared the unknown, but here he didn’t. He was beginning to love Mrs. Ferguson. She was becoming like the mother he never had.

“Go back to sleep.” Carter said coldly, the tone almost as possessive as Damiens once was. Liam, of course, had little to no memory of what happened after he dialed in Damiens number. He just knew that some how he got the medications he needed to contain his sanity. Therefore, he felt a lightness on his chest which inspired his happiness. That, as well as knowing that the man before him would never hurt him... At least he hoped. Liam didn’t know much about Carter, other than he had kidnapped him in an attempt to save him from Damien. So, he automatically thought he was here to help him. Why kidnap a person from one hell to drop them into another?

Carter watched with suspicious eyes as his mother walked in with a tray of tea. Her eyes widened at the sight of him, but she managed to keep her expression tight. She placed the tray gently on the bedside table, crossing her arms over her chest as her brain worked very fast. Mrs. Ferguson was very quick witted, unlike her son and her husband. She loved him to death but when he was trying to lie it was way to obvious by the long break he took between thoughts. She had news for Liam, but Carter being here made it too dangerous to talk.

“Carter, your Pa needs your help out in the barn. Go on, get, I’ll watch Liam.” Her voice was stern, all that of a mother who cared and raised 6 children. She watched him with hard eyes as he rose from his seat, suspiciously walking out of the room, giving his mother one hard look before he left. Mrs. Ferguson went to the door, quietly shutting it to give them at least a few inches away from listening ears. Carter did, however, not leave the house. He knew she was going to do something suspicious that could harm Liam- his Liam, and he wasn’t having it! He waited in the kitchen, listening, straining to hear anything. He already referred to that little, hurt man as his. He assumed that because they shared a kiss that he had returned his feelings for him. He would do anything in his power to protect him- even from his very own family.

In the room, Mrs. Ferguson sat down besides Liam, giving them both a cup of tea as she thought of how to continue. She took a nice sip of her tea, looking over at Liam who was doing the same. He was use to the burning liquid on his tongue, it didn’t really bother him anymore. Damien hates when you heated something up just to make it cold again. So, he would force Liam to drink it scoldering.

“Now, I want you to call Damien again. Tell him to come over peacefully tomorrow, around noon. The boys will all be gone, it will just be me and you. Not even Carter. Though my son, bless his heart, just wanted to help. He always fails to realize talking through things help. Thats what I feel you two need to do the most; talk.” Liam watched with wide eyes as she handed him the phone. “If he needs, give me the phone and I’ll talk to him.” She said with all the motherly support that she felt towards Liam. She was beginning to get very protective of this boy, even wanting to shield him from her own son. Liam felt very loved for once in a very long time; the love of a mother. His heart ached as he thought about his birth one, realizing it was never going to be the same with her. He dialed in the number engraved in his mind, holding the phone to his ear as it rang. He remember dialing it before, last time, but now all the same fear was there. Was he going to reject him? Was his anger going to lash out once again?

Damien, on the other hand, was in emotional turmoil. Further thought brought him very emotional, turning into himself in a pit of despair. He can’t believe all of the evil things he did. He can not believe how this man, who trusted his life to him, took years of his abuse. How his very own emotions dimmed, how he use to get pleasure out of his cries of pain and  begs for mercy. These things were just unexplainable to Damien, why he even did this.. Why he felt the need to control every single aspect of a persons life.. Damien had taken out all of his anger out on his now trashed car. All of his anger, despair, self loathing that he felt so strongly- he just could hardly believe who he had become.

He currently was leaning his head on his steering wheel, his eyes closed as took deep, ragged breath. The emotional pain he was feeling was ending up being very physical even. Yet, he understood that this was just barely half of what Liam had experienced from his own very hand. When his phone rang, he didn’t move for it as he had before. It took a few loud rings before he managed to move, to fish for it between his poor, abused seats.

“Hello?” He spoke, his voice raw from all of these emotions he was forced to face. It was when he heard the soft voice on the other end did he feel the guilt amplify sevenfold. This was a voice that always talked to him so softly, walking on eggshells around him. The voice that he tormented, tortured, abused, and raped for years. He took a sharp breath, trying to keep his emotions under some sort of control.

“Damien... I-I want to see you.. W-We..W-We..W-We need to talk.. and..and Mrs. Ferguson here.. She’s gunna help us do that, okay? Here, please just listen to her..” His Angelic voice talked softly through the phone, his nerves rather obvious in his stuttering. Just hearing them made Damien feel worse, a sinking feeling in the bottom of his stomach. To Damien, he deserved each and every emotion he was experiencing now, heck, felt he deserved a lot worse than just this even! He deserved to feel every slap, every sting- all of the blood that Liam had shed for Damien to be shed by himself...

“Hello Damien, I’m Mrs. Ferguson. I am Carters ma... Now, I’ve seen the type of person you have been in two different ways... And though I may be really stupid doing this, I feel the need to. You two need to talk, and see if anything more can be done, or if it really is time to part ways. So, I’ve arranged for you to do that. Comin’ around now is going to get ya killed by Carter, so the best thing for you to do is wait till they out. Tomorrow, at noon, I’m sending out all the boys so it’ll just be me and Liam. With that, I want you to come over and talk. If I sense one little bit of anger, I’m gunna kick you out. Git it?” Her southern twang was more strong from the seriousness of this situation. She was watching Liam as he trembled from just hearing his voice- how his eyes glazed over with whatever his little overactive imagination was coming up with.

“Agreed. If I see hide nor hair of one of them, or the police, I swear next time I won’t be happy.” Damien growled, feeling the ability to be mean to this woman other than his little one. His little one had been through enough, but Damien was still full of anger. The feeling of self loathing was setting him on edge, making him likely to snap on everyone who tried to talk to him- everyone but Liam.

“Don’t worry, I will only do that if you try to lay a hand on little Liam over here. He’s been through enough and you know that. Now, don’t forget; tomorrow, around noon. Come with an open mind and open heart.” With those few words, Mrs. Ferguson hung up. She was very unaware of her son who was standing against the wall in the living room, listening to every single word she said. Carters entire mind was set off course, that oblivious bubble he had wrapped around himself popping with no warning. He had to get Liam out of here, soon. He knew he had little chance against Damien or his parents toe to toe. They won’t understand him- his mother was already betraying him worse then she has ever done before.

Carter left, needing to take a deep breath before he stormed out of the place carrying Liam, without being thoughtful about it. He walked out the car, checking to make sure it still turned on. From Liams little use of it, it worked as fine as it should. Carter didn’t connect Damiens ability to track them with the car- he wasn’t smart enough for that. He thought the only reason Damien found them was because Liam called him. He knew now that he was going to make sure that Liam had no phones around him until he no longer was ‘brainwashed’ by Damien. The only way he was ever going to allow him to call that b*****d would be to tell him to f**k off. Otherwise Liam couldn’t call a soul.

Liam was enjoying the cup of tea with Mrs. Ferguson, feeling actually fully at peace. This was a feeling he hadn’t had for a very long time, something he missed. Being able to sit back and calmly enjoy a cup of tea while your mind is totally at peace. No impending doom if he doesn't get something done, no overwhelming fear if he doesn’t make everything around him just as it needs to be.. Just- peace. The company of Mrs. Ferguson rested all nerves and worries that he had of yesterday. He put his full trust into this new older stranger. He trusted that she would not allow anyone to harm him anymore. She was allowing them to meet so obviously she had a second plan in mind if things go south, so Liam felt he could finally feel slightly braver.

The remainder of the day went by rather peacefully for most of the residents of the Ferguson household. All but one. Carter was fuming the entire day, angry at his mothers betrayal, angry at Liams idiocy, angry at everyone else's blissfulness as if everything would be perfect.. It wasn’t. In his mind, nothing would be perfect unless it was him and Liam happily together. Even though it was obvious to everyone else that wasn’t what a recovering Liam wanted nor needed right now. To Carter, he just thought it was Liam allowing himself to be brainwashed by the charming yet evil man.

Damien himself was still at war with himself. All of his thoughts and ideas were weighted down by an overwhelming sense of shame, of guilt, of desire- he wanted to be able to hold Liam and apologize for everything he’s done and promise it will never happen again. Though Damien knew the word ‘never’ wasn’t a guarantee. He wasn’t sure how it started in the first place, so how would he control it from happening again?  He pushed all thoughts like that out of his mind, keeping happy thoughts of the start of him and Liam's relationship. Not the part of recovery, but the part where they shared happy romantic moments... They had history, and it was time that they pursue a better, happier future together. Without so much need of control. The jealousy thing will still be a problem, but with maybe even therapy, Damien will be able to stand another man looking at Liam. Maybe it will help him lose his overwhelming suspicions that he's being cheated on.

Whatever was needed Damien was more then ready to do it. All he wanted was Liam in his arms once again, no matter what it took to get him there. All he wanted was to see his pretty face as he confessed his love, as he leaned in for a kiss, as his eyes looked at him full of love and desire.. not fear and anxiety. For it to return as it once was.

Carter stood at wait, pacing to and fro in his room. A bag was hung over his shoulder, containing things for his and Liams departure. The house was just beginning to settle down for an early bedtime, as they always do. Early to sleep, early to rise was what his parents always chanted when he and his siblings would complain about their ridiculous bedtime. But now Carter was more than thankful for it. The sooner they were out of the house, the better. Carter listened in closely for that sound, the sound of the bedroom door closing, dictating that his parents were both settling in for the night. The door always remained open until their bedtime, to keep a more ‘open door’ feeling to their children.

Carter left his room before he made a trail in the floor from his constant pacing. He walked around each and every corner, checking to make sure all residences were in their rooms for the night. When he saw that was true, he made his way quietly down the creaky stairs, each and every sound setting his heart to beat harder. He could easily explain why he was going down the stairs if it was just him, but explaining why he had a bag on his back and keys in hand would be another.

He made it down without incident, continuing his quiet track to the guest room- or as you could call it, Liam’s room. With a quick check over the shoulder, Carter made his way into the room. Luck was on his side, for Liam was fast asleep. Carter walked over to his bedside, admiring how adorable he looked as he slept. It took almost everything in his willpower to not reach out and caress his cheek, to show him the affection that he’s wanted for the longest time, practically beg for it. Carter walked to the closet, collecting the other bag and bringing them out to the car. When he returned, Liam was wrapped with the blanket he arrived in closely to his body. Carter collected his body gently, carrying him bridal style to the car, keeping his slumber undisturbed.

He placed him gently in the back of the car, setting his head to rest on a pillow he had taken from his own room. When he was sure that Liam was comfortable, he jumped into the driver side of the car and headed off for an unknown destiny. He just knew he had to get Liam out of here. He would make some phone calls to some of his more shady friends later. Not that he had kidnapped Liam. No, in Carters eyes he was just helping Liam see the truth, and keeping him safe by taking him away while he is sleeping.

“Kidnapped” is a strong word.

To say Liam was scared when he woke up would be an understatement. Liam wasn’t scared, he was horrified, panicked, petrified. He had no idea where he was or why he was in a moving vehicle The last that he remembered, he was in his bed anxiously awaiting the morning time so he could see Damien again. Liam obviously did not know that Damien had a breakthrough at an earlier time, he just wanted to see him- needed to see him. Tomorrow would have been his chance to finally speak what had been in his heart and in his mind for years now. Every little thing that he feared over the years, all that ran through his head whenever he met Damien... Everything would be out on the table and hopefully that would help Damien understand where he was coming from and decide to change and maybe even get some form of help. But being in the back of a car was not going to help the situation at hand.

He sat up, initially laying eyes on Carter, who was staring very intently at the road. Though Carter's eyes were beginning to get tired, he refused to stop. He needed to get Liam as far away from Damien and those who betrayed him as possible. He only began to notice Liam stir when he was seated completely upright. Liam looked forward a him, his head tilted slightly to the right. Liam was trying to think of reasons why he was in the car.

Maybe he had dreamt everything that happened at the house? Maybe there was no house and he was still in the car with Carter driving to the first place? That seemed like the best thing, because Liam was known to have vivid dreams that he would confuse for reality until told otherwise. With that thought in mind, his fears began to calm. Like Damien would ever agree to see him and ‘talk’. Like there would ever be another mother figure in his life. Like he would ever feel safe and loved in an environment. It had to all be a dream. Liam raised his hands above his head as far as the car would allow him, to stretch his tired and sore muscles.

“Morning Carter.” Liam said with a slight smile, remembering where he was coming from and that he needed to remain calm with this person, who kidnapped him from a hostile environment.

“Kidnapped” being a key word in this thought.

Carter watched back, surprised that Liam looked as comfortable and calm as he was back at home. He was expecting Liam to be surprised, shocked, concerned- maybe even mad. Not calm as if it was the most normalest of things to wake up in a car when you last were asleep in a comfortable bed.

“Good M-Morning Liam.” Carter practically kicked himself for allow his voice to waiver for a moment. He was suppose to go along with whatever was keeping Liam calm right now, to not get him worried or stressed. Carter cared very much for Liam, enough to save him from his own family, so he wanted him to be as relaxed as possible. Even if he ended up lying.

“You look tired, we should probably stop for a bit before you end up getting us in a crash.” Liam moved himself elegantly from the back seat up to the front, buckling himself in. He kept reliving the plan he had to speak with Damien- the plan to tell him all of his wrongdoings and expecting some kind of sorrow for them.

He had to have been dreaming. Damien would never agree to talk with him. He never liked hearing his voice anyway, unless it was withering in pain below him. Liam chuckled to himself, shaking his head lightly at the thought. Like Damien would ever waste his time trying to talk. He was chasing after them now because Liam had been weak and called him. Probably with a shotgun too. He was just a point to prove, a possession to claim. That would be the only reason he’s following them.

“Y-Yeah, sounds good.. There is a motel coming up here pretty soon, we can stop there-but only for a little bit.” Carter said shakingly, though he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep driving if he was in this stage of exhaustion for much longer. He would take full advantage of Liam’s blissful ignorance. Looking over at him, Liam looked almost happy even, as he was chuckling to himself with a slight smile playing at his lips.

Damien, however, was not happy when he got a desperate call from Mrs. ferguson early that morning. Sleep had come hard to Damien, yet he had successfully gotten it and planned to sleep into the last moment, but with the unexpected call ruined that chance and left him feeling perturb.

“Damien, Liam’s gone. So is Carter, and so is his car- Damien, I think Carter took Liam again!” Her voice woke every last nerve in Damien, bringing his brain fully alert. He took a sharp breath, his mind spinning with possibilities of what to do next, but first things first; talk to this old woman to see what she knew.

“What happened? Did he find out our plans and ended up getting angry about it?” Damien’s fingers began to tap on the screen of his phone as he started up the tracking device he had in the car. So easy, it would be- if only his current place in the corn yield held the needed service to attach to it. Damien let out a groan of distress as he turned his attention back to the woman.

“Damien, I-I don’t know, After we hung up we didn’t speak of it again, and he had been out in the farm with his brother and pa, I don’t know- they are just gone! What are we gunna do?” Her voice was edged with the utmost worry, just as any good mother would be when her son runs off with their housemate. She wasn’t sure if he was being safe, what was running through his thick mind to do this to all of them- she was so worried about both him and the new child that she took in as her own kin.

“Dont forget, I was one to track them all the way here. I don’t have any service here, where I’m hiding out, I don’t know where I can get any and your neighbor is not very fond of Wifi, I see...” Damien spoke out loud, yet it was more to himself as the gears within his very intelligent head were turning. This entire town was out to get him, so moving out and about was like a death wish- especially going to another home or building where he could hack his way into the wifi. He was thinking of the nearest town from here that might not know to keep a watch out when Mrs. Ferguson cleared her throat on the other side of the line.

“Well, We do was that Wifi here. We need it for the son, you know, he likes to keep up with his friends and all... I will talk to my husband, tell him what’s this commotion all about, and get you in here. But don’t show your head til I call you again, okay?” She spoke softly, yet sternly as she hung up without a goodbye. She was way to determine to go for such casualties. She needed to get her son back and she knew the only way to do it would be the reason he arrived in the first place- the person who spent years abusing and harming the person she called her son now, Liam. The person who sounded repentful on the phone, but was a charming actor. A person who she didn’t trust with any ounce in her small frame- but now was forced too.

She only had to convince her husband that he was the only choice as well.

© 2014 unluckeys

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