Prayer of A Desperate Motorist

Prayer of A Desperate Motorist

A Chapter by Valerie Dean Belew

Lyrics related to work ethic, jobs, dreams, living poor, lifestyles, & career Goals



Lord, I’m aware I’m not a virgin
And I’ve smoked a little too much dope
Downed more than my share of alcohol
And I’ve even been accused of coke
And I know I shouldn’t have the nerve
To pray at all
But I promise lord, I’m gonna come clean
If you’ll help me get my car back home again
Before it runs out of gasoline
I’m no slob, got a steady job
But my paycheck’s a little bit late
Said it’d be in the mail
When? They really can’t tell
But I’m a little too broke to wait
I’ll be rich some day
If I have my way
But for now I can’t live on dreams
Just a nickel or a dime
Would do the trick just fine
Just a dollars worth of gasoline
It’s not too far to the local bar
But ya know, Lord
I wouldn’t go in
I’ve changed, ya know
Since my tanks so low
And I swear I’ll never sin again
And the lady this morning
At the Hess Mart place
I’m sorry if I treated her mean
Everything I stole
Just consider it sold
If you’ll send me down some gasoline
Now the pointer on my meter
Is way past the E
And I still have miles to go
If you’ll get me through
I’ll be so grateful to you
I’ll even preach on a Jesus show
I’ll fight for censure rights
And get real uptight
Every time they think a movie’s obscene
Throw my playgirls away
Just say me SOME WAY
From running out of gasoline!!!

© 2009 Valerie Dean Belew

Author's Note

Valerie Dean Belew
Most of these jobs I did, while traveling around writing lyrics about different jobs and lifestyles; however, some of them I only knew other people involved who told me about them, and what they were like.

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I found this very witty and refreshing. It was liked something from a musical in many ways- I couldn't help, but picture one of the pink girls sat in their car, post grease, and singing something like this. The confessions were well done- only half admitting certain things is a trait that I relate to. I've been an atheist most of my life, but in moments of weakness I've asked the Lord for assistance along with confessions and concessions if he did so, cheers, spence

Posted 12 Years Ago

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