Proud Nation

Proud Nation

A Book by Valerie Dean Belew

This is a futuristic novel in the same genre vein as 1984 or Brave New World, but obviously modernized, with a story theme that uses computer technology not available to the authors of the above classics.


© 2009 Valerie Dean Belew

Author's Note

Valerie Dean Belew
This is futuristic fiction, a story about how the future could be. I realize many will not agree with my political views, and that is okay, as I would not agree with many of yours. I am well read, and my political views are well formed. I am not looking for differing political views here, or political debate, but comments on whether or not I expressed my own views effectively. If this particular writing makes you feel too angry to be able to critique it in that way, please just don't review it. I have other writing that will not anger you, as this is not my most predominent style, or subject matter. I appreciate you taking the time to critique my work if you are able to do so, and ask that you check out some of my other writing if this particular piece is just not your cup of tea. LOL. Have a wonderful day.

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Valerie Dean Belew
Valerie Dean Belew

Atlanta area, actually Jackson, GA, but that sounds too backward and redneck...., GA

I have recently completed and copyrighted my first novel, presently unpublished. I discovered writing groups about two months ago, and became hopelessly addicted, and not looking for a cure. I atten.. more..