Blue and Yellow Striped Love

Blue and Yellow Striped Love

A Chapter by Valerie Dean Belew

The Second Chapter of Proud Nation



It was frowned on, but even Our Proud Nation had not found a way to end sexual irresponsibility, nor the tendency of people to make choices in partners through other than logical motives. Taylor proudly wore the blue stripe; however, we remained lovers at every opportunity. He was frustrated with my obvious character deficiencies, but could not seem to stop craving my physical presence. 
            “What do you plan to do about this?” he stated, making every effort to restrain his anger. “Do you have any idea what my family would say if they knew I was sleeping with a yellow striper? You are sinking to a level that is a turn off, and I don’t even know why I’m here.”
            “Why don’t you tell me why you’re here,” I managed to ask, in spite of the shame I was feeling. Taylor was staring at my yellow stripe, practically glaring at it, from my doorway. He was tall, appearing thin with clothes on, but his firm muscular body was one I could not resist. “It isn’t like I didn’t warn you. It isn’t like I could keep it a secret even if I wanted to do so.”
            “Warn me, hell,” he continued. “Didn’t you have some idea this was about to happen? How could you not know how dissatisfied your employer obviously is with your performance?”
            “Look, Taylor,” I knew he wasn’t leaving, so why did we have to go through this show of outrage every time, before just stripping our clothes off, and making wild love. “I am sure it is hard for you to grasp, but when a blue striper applies for a job held by a red striper, the red striper is replaced. How difficult is it for you to figure out?”
            Taylor’s face suddenly lost its hardness. His frustration actually seemed to be driving his desire for me, rather than diminishing it. He looked me up and down hungrily. “Well, are you going to let me in, or not?”
            I smiled in spite of myself, and moved from the doorway allowing him entrance. My fear that he would now be repulsed by me, appeared to be unfounded. He almost immediately found my lips, and pulled me close to his body. Planting kisses on my face and neck, he half walked me, half pulled me into my bedroom, where we toppled into bed still dressed.
            “What do I need to do?” he asked between kisses. “What can I do? I guess I’ve gotta pull some strings without my dad finding out about it.” He was ripping his clothes off, in a fit of need, with all signs of anger vanished. “You can’t stay at this level. The Yellow stripe is trash. People with yellow stripes live in trailers. You’ve got to lift yourself out of this disgrace. How did you allow yourself to sink into this level of filth? I just don’t get it? Nothing about you seems like a yellow striper.”
            “It was easy,” I mumbled, losing my own outrage to passion’s grip. “I wasn’t born a blue blood. My parents would have probably worn the brown stripe, if the stripe system had been implemented when they were alive. They worked ten-hour days together on an assembly line. Hard work, low pay.”
            “Don’t even talk like that,” Taylor mumbled, unbuttoning my blouse, and planting kisses on both breasts. “You’re better than that. Your parents may have been trash, but you have the ability to succeed, even now. I won’t let you slip any further.”
            Conversation was lost to passion, as our desire overcame our need to communicate. We came together in that animal place that is not ruled by Our Proud Nation, or financial means. Exhausted we clung to each other as always, still wet from the heat of our spent passion. Taylor stared at the ceiling.
            “I’m going to have to do something,” he said. “Did you pay your fine this week?”
            “I paid it, but I don’t have enough left to pay the electric bill.”
            “Oh s**t,” he almost shouted. “You can’t fall behind on your bills, or you will fall to the brown stripe. Why didn’t you call me?  When is it due?”
            “I still have two days. I was trying to decide what to do.”
            “Trying to get Ginger gassed. That’s what you’re trying to do. Don’t you even love your dog? Your pride is going to be your death sentence. Why in the hell didn’t you call me?”
            “I wasn’t sure you’d want to see me. There are a lot of stripe levels between us, now, Taylor. What is in this for you?”
            “Hell, I wish I knew, but whatever it is, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I guess I should just accept that your breeding was bad. Your parents were losers, and you are going nowhere fast. But there is something here that I didn’t learn in school, and I can’t seem to shake it. It is against the law, and against my breeding. What in the hell is it?”
            “I can’t tell you, but whatever it is, I’m glad it’s here. Until I drop to the black stripe and lose all rights, I want to continue making love to you. You are the only sun in my darkness, other than Ginger, and I seriously fear for her life. At least, you will always be safe with your father’s money. I never have to worry about losing you, as long as I am alive. I am so glad you wear the blue stripe.”
            “But where will I be if you allow yourself to sink down to the black stripe? Do you really think I can live with that?  Do you think I would simply let it happen, and live up to the expectations of Our Proud Nation? Forget you? Support your humane euthanasia? Attend the celebration afterwards and start f*****g some blue striper? Don’t ever keep a secret like that from me again. I’ll find the money for your electric bill. Do you have anything else coming up?”
            “Not this week?”
            “And next week?”
            “Taylor, I don’t feel right about you doing this. What if you are discovered?”
            “I’ll pay the sucker off. That’s what. Blue stripers don’t really have any laws. You know that, don’t you? They won’t do a damned thing to me. Most of those checking up on breaches of the stripe-system, are a level or two beneath me, anyway.”
            “Whatever you say. But your security is more important to me, than my own. It is the only sun in my life, knowing that you will always be okay.”
            Taylor stood, and smiled. He pulled his jeans up, and buckled his belt. He planted a kiss on my lips. “And the only sun in my life is ravaging your body. I’ll be back, and I’ll check for myself to see what bills you owe. I don’t trust you to tell me everything.” He grabbed me suddenly, and hugged me again. Grinning, he began taking off the clothes he had just put back on. “Maybe it’s forbidden fruit,” he said. “I don’t know, but I just can’t get enough of you.”

© 2009 Valerie Dean Belew

Author's Note

Valerie Dean Belew
This is the second chapter of Proud Nation, and the story heats up with a love affair between the main character, now a yellow striper, and her blue striped boyfriend.

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Fantastic second chapter. Your writing style is very intelligent, clear and sharp. The descriptions were great! There's alot of energy in the pace, its obvious you are a great storyteller!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I am very impressed! This is a great 2nd chapter. Your conversations tell the story and make it seem real. It is tastefully passionate without giving blow by blow....errr play by play....details. To me, if you had of gone into erotic detail, it would have distracted from the main story. I look forward to reading the next chapter too.

Posted 12 Years Ago

very interesting! i cudnt stop reading it. i like the ranking the stripes. i agree w. lizanne green about the conversation.let me know wen the next chapter is out

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very creative and holds the interest. You have really planned this out well. The flow of the converstion is smooth. The plot is becoming more interesting. I am very interested in seeing the next chapter. You certainly exhibit the skill and imagination of a great author. Keep writing. I want to see what happens next.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I think you could have went into more detail about their passionate encounter....:)
Looks like the new book is coming along nicely! keep it up!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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