A New Way To See

A New Way To See


Stan gets new glasses. What he sees is alarming.


A New Way To See

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     A lens maker by the name of Stanley Henderson creates a pair of prescription sunglasses for himself, out of a strange crystal. The crystal came from a rock in his yard where a huge lightning bolt struck and melted the rock, leaving a most beautiful smoky grey crystal. After many weeks of grinding and polishing the almost diamond hard glass and then making sturdy metal frames to hold the lenses, they are ready for a test drive, so to speak.

     At first, while standing in the bright sun, the shades render the landscape of his rural property darkened to an appropriate degree, except that the trees, plants, and animals appear to have a faint aura around them. The inanimate objects do not. Thinking this odd, Stan removes the glasses and everything appears quite normal. Thinking the prescription to be out of focus he decides to return to the workshop and check his measurements. All is in order; he attributes the effect to the nature of the strange crystal.        Nevertheless, after expending the arduous labor of crafting the shades, Stan decides he can live with the slight distortion.

     The next morning, Stan dresses for town, to run some routine errands.    Donning the specks, he peers into the mirror to see how they look on him. He recoils from what he sees in the mirror. With a brisk, reflex action, he removes the shades. His heart is racing and his pulse is pounding. He holds the glasses in his shaking hand while scanning the room with care. Stan peers again into the looking glass, without the shades, to find that everything appears normal. He convinces himself that he is either hallucinating or the glasses reveal something that is always there but, invisible to the naked eye.       He works up the courage to conduct an experiment.

     While staring in the mirror, Stan brings the shades closer to his eyes in a slow deliberate manner. Even before they get close to the eyes, he can see that the images through the lenses are different from the normal images without them. Stan hesitates, holding them a few inches away from his face. Stan sees a surreal scene of many ghosts traipsing around his home. It is frightening to say the least and at the same time, it feels exhilarating to look into another dimension. He wonders if the effect is a combination of the mirror and the crystal, then remembers that the scene outside also startled him. Maintaining a distance between his face and the shades, so that he can see both through and around the lenses, he surveys the room. Shadowy forms, ranging in color move about the room. They come and go through the walls and other objects as if they do not see the room. They also take no notice of him peering into their world. A chill engulfs him when one passes through the spot he is standing. Lowering the glasses, Stan takes a seat in the easy chair to rest his wobbly knees.

     After about fifteen minutes, his near frantic emotions, give way to curiosity. Stan convinces himself that the glasses allow him to witness things that are always there, another dimension perhaps. If these unseen things are always around, then there is no reason to fear them. We can’t see them and they can’t see us. He ponders the possibilities. Are these the spirits of the dead? Could it be a parallel world of some sort? Maybe people of many different time eras, share this space. What a grand opportunity this is, to study whatever phenomenon the glasses bring into view.

     There is still the mundane matter of running errands in the small friendly rural community. Taking care, to not wear, the spectacles while driving, Stan resumes his routines of daily life. The quaint little town is bustling on this splendid spring day. When his list of tasks is complete, he meanders to the park, greeting friends and acquaintances along the way. Stan grew up in this town. He knows almost everyone by his or her first name. In the park, he takes a seat on a bench in the shade of a large oak tree, to take in the serenity of small town life. People sit on blankets to eat picnic lunches as the children and pets frolic and play. This is the best time of year to watch people enjoying the mild weather and each other’s company.

     Curiosity once again overwhelms him as Stan reaches into his breast pocket for the new shades. When he puts them on, he sees a number of vaporous beings, doing the same sort of things as the local folks. He considers the effect to be an overlapping of time lines and wonders if this could be two, or more, simultaneous timelines. The shadowy figures move in quick jerky spirts.

     They become more blurry as they move about. Some resemble streaks of an image, as a camera picture blurs when the subject moves. When standing still they appear to be made of swirling vapors although, he can’t discern their features or apparel.

     “New sunglasses?” asks Jim Stewart, approaching from the left. “They are pretty cool looking. Did you make them Stan?”

     “Oh, hello Jim. I must have been daydreaming. I didn’t notice you coming over to greet me. How are the wife and children?”

     “Good, they are all fine. Mind if I share this bench with you Stan?”

     “Please do Jim.”

     A dark green, shadowy, figure that seems to be following Jim, hovers behind him as he sits on the bench, distracting Stan a bit. The shadow seems to be extracting a thin vapor from the back of Jim’s neck. Masking his alarm, while wondering what effect the creature is having on his friend, Stan questions Jim.

     “Do you feel alright Jim?”

     “Yeah, I’m okay.”


      “I have been stressed out lately; one of my kids is getting in trouble at school for picking on some of the other boys.”

     “Seems like I remember that you were like that in the fourth grade too Jim,” says Stan. “Isn’t that the grade your boy is in now? What turned you around Jim?”

     “My dad threatened to waylay the tar out of me if I kept it up. Then he got me started into sports and spent more time with me, while coaching me on how to push myself to be the best I could be at anything I wanted to do.    He taught me to respect others and build them up, instead of picking on them. Those were the best years of my life Stan. I really miss my dad. I wish he were here now, to help with the boy.”

     “Your dad was a great man. I’m sorry that he passed away before you went to college. He would be very proud of the man you have become Jim. I know your business requires much of your time. Maybe you can hire someone to take part of the load off you, so you can spend more time with your son. That boy needs the same thing you needed at his age Jim. Your dad quit his second job, so that he could spend more time with you. It made the money tight for a while but, he managed to put away funds for your college.”

     While Stan reminds Jim of his childhood, the shadowy figure fades away and Jim looks more relaxed. Stan figures that at least some of the beings he is now able to see cannot only see us but it would seem they might feed on our emotions. This implication is mind-boggling. 

     “You’re right Stan. I’ve been so busy lately. I haven’t thought about my dad for a long time. I guess I’ve been too busy to show my boy how to be a man. I’m glad I stopped to talk to you Stan. I’m going to get someone to help with the business and spend more time with the family. Thank you Stan for helping me to remember.”

     “You are a good man Jim. You’ll find the right balance to make it all work out.”

     As Jim walks away, Stan can see a bright shining figure walking beside him. Stan imagines it to be Jim’s father. Stan realizes that with these new glasses he might be able to help other people too. With that thought lingering in his mind, the future begins to look a little brighter. However, there are places in the world where evil monsters manipulate humanity for their sick pleasures. Will Stanley be able to cope in the cold cruel world outside his familiar little town?






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This is a good short. Sci-fi, perhaps? Either or, it's a little bit spooky and wholly entertaining. Reminds me of when I was a kid when I dreamt of special glasses that would let me see things I wasn't supposed to.

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1 Year Ago

Thank you for reading and commenting Samuel. Recently edited this story. Needed one sci-fi for a con.. read more

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