A Chapter by Samantha Rose

This was going to be our third year back in Florida, and our second year back in this exact spot. Indian Shores was the place we were going, it was near Tampa. My grandma's friends owned this little condo so we got to rent it for cheap. Although this year i didn't want to be here, it was the first year i had actual friends and i wanted to stay with them back home. I stayed in the house for a week, boycotting this vacation, but i finally decided to go out during week two. I went into my draws and grabbed the new bathing suit i had just bought. It was fairly small around both the a*s and b***s area, and fairly low cut, but i thought it was sexy. Slipping off my black bra and thong, exposing my breasts and hard n*****s to my own reflection, i tied my hair into a loose pony tail, and slipped on the new bathing suit. I loved the way it accented my breasts. Most bathing suits just loosely cover them, but this one made them look perky, round, and as sexy as ever. After fixing my hair and putting sun tan lotion all over my body, i headed out the door and down the stairs, first going into the pool because the sun was way too bright on the beach and the pool had shade at this hour. I walked to the back where most of the chairs and tabled were, placing my book, camera, and towel down. I then looked around, saw a couple families and people around, took off my sunglasses, and dove into the pool. When i reached up to the surface, i saw a girl staring at me. I swam over to the side of the pool and she casually walked over to me.
"Hey, do you remember me? I think we met last year." She said.
"No, i don't, i'm sorry. I met a lot of people here. My names Jane, whats yours?"
"I'm Amber. We should hang out." 
"Yeah, we defiantly should."

Later that night she came over to my apartment, and we went down to the pool even though it was closed. She stripped off her clothes only wearing her white bra and thong, and sat down onto the steps in the pool. Ever since i was a child i had always had a strange attraction to women, but i wanted to try things with her first.
"Are you dating anyone right now?" She asked me.
"Sort of, i'm not really sure what we are right now, he's kinda iffy with me at the moment."
"Oh, He."
"I'm confused, what the 'oh'?"
"Have you ever been with a girl?"
"No." I said, but held back the urge to tell her i wanted to kiss her right now.
"It's amazing, it's the best thing ever, way better then guys."
"Oh, that's cool... I've kinda wanted to be with a girl before."
" Wana go onto the beach and talk about this?"
I nodded and we got out of the pool, both of our bodies soaked, and our panties see-through. I could see the outline of her erect n*****s, and the starting of her small c**t. I was trying to force myself not to tell her, or just jump on her. I should just take things slow. We started talking about our experience and feels that night. She put her hands on my waist, moving them up towards my breasts. Only just putting her hands there as if i were a guy she were very close to kissing. I moved into her, her soft lips touching mine, and me sliding my tounge onto her bottom lip begging for permission to be let in. And with this she granted it, exploring her strawberry flavoured mouth, this strange burning sensation building up, i had never felt this way before. Then she took her soft hands and started to caress my breasts. Taking her fingers and slowly moving aside my soaking wet bra to release my shiny n*****s which she kindly gave attention to with her hands and tounge. Before things could go any further her parents came out and almost caught us. We would just have to continue another night, which was no problem seeing as my parents left a lot and i was alone in the apparent for hours at a time. I could simply just invite her over, pin her against the door, release those sweet breasts, and taste her warm juices. I'll save that plan for tomorrow.

"How did you like last night?" She asked.
"That was one of the best things ever. Wana come over to my place tonight once my parents leave?" 
"Sure, sounds like fun." She said and winked at me while biting her lip. "But right now my uncle and cousin want to go play money in the middle in the ocean. I know it sounds kind of lame, but do you wana play?"
"Sure," I said not knowing what to expect. "Sounds like fun."
"Okay, so i'll cover my uncle because he's old and i don't want you to feel uncomfortable. So you can cover my cousin, he's closer to our age, although he's like five years older, but you know."
"Yeah i know." I said as we walked out into the ocean and met up with her family. Her and her uncle went to the left side of the ocean, and me and her cousin on the other.
"Sup?" He asked me.
"Just playing, how about you?"
"Nuin, you look pretty good, whats your name?"
"Jane, and yours?"
He through the ball over to my soon to be lover and her uncle. As soon as they turned away he grabbed me by the waist, bringing me to sit on his knee.
"Uhh.. what are you doing Ethan?"
"Nothing, just making sure you don't get the ball so we can play longer."
"Oh.... okay...."
Everytime he would throw the ball, and they would turn away, things started getting worse. His strong hands twisting my n*****s and grouping my breasts. His hands rubbing overtop of my panties. He undid my top with his teeth, and grabbed both my breasts with his hands, then taking his right hand, slowly moving down my stomach, down my panties. He started to rub my c**t, trying to get me going, although it wasn't working.
"Please stop Ethan."
While still playing with my n*****s with his left hand, me moved his right hand down, and slowly entered my p***y. Moving it slowly in and out at first, but becoming faster and harder as the time went on, adding in more fingers, increasing the pain. I felt like i was going to throw up.
"Stop it Ethan, i don't like this."
"Shhhh..." he whispered in my ear. I tried to get away i tried hitting him, i tried screaming, but no one could hear us or see what was going on, we were simply to far away. This is when he grabbed my hand and made me hold his hard dick. He kept my hand there, taking his swim suit off, and moving mine to the side. Still grabbing my breasts and removing my hand from his c**k, he forcefully pushed his dick into my used to be virgin p***y that had now been defiled. As i'm screaming in pain, calling out for help, he would be moving faster in me, harder, with longer strokes of his c**k while rubbing my c**t and holding my breast in his hand. As the waves grew strong just like his dick moving faster, one finally caught on him and i was free. Barely able to move form the pain, still naked, but free. I swam as fast as i could to shore. That night i said my goodbyes to Amber, and never left the apartment again until we came back home. Not tell anyone until years later about my horrible first experience.

© 2012 Samantha Rose

Author's Note

Samantha Rose
Please ignore grammar and spelling. This story means a lot because this is my actual first experience with sex.

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i'm so sorry that happened my first was okay, but the guy i went with lied to me about loveing me! we were both virgins and we did it pretty hardcore an dafter taht he told me he didnt use a condom so when i thought i was pregnant things became pretty weird with he left me...i love him dearly an dHe is just down the hall so i sorta know what your pain is but i will not be cliche an dsay i knoe EXACTLEY what your feeling hun :) plz just remember that there are othors like you and you did nothing wrong,

Posted 7 Years Ago

Love your style and the way you describe, a good story indeed, great job

Posted 8 Years Ago

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