An adventure with Gucci

An adventure with Gucci

A Story by Vanessa Hui

Last Friday, I brought “Gucci” home, we played very happily.


On Saturday night, I felt I became tiny.  Then, I went to the dinning room.  I saw Gucci, she told me to climb on her back.  At this moment, we started an adventure.  First, we went to my bedroom, we climbed on my bed, it was very huge.  We played hide-and-seek, chasing and used my pillow to form a slide to play.  It looked like a large and soft playground.  We played for a long time.  We felt very tired, so we need to find some food to eat to recharge energy.  After that, we went to the kitchen to find some food to eat, when we came into the kitchen, we saw some cockroaches stealing something to eat.  They saw us and chased us.  At last, they caught us, I felt really frightened and screamed out loudly……


I woke up.  It was a bad dream.  Although it was just a dream, I felt happy because I could play with Gucci in the dream playground.  I could also try to play some other games that I have never played before.  The playground was very safe.  It was really a good place to go in your dream.  Although it was unreal, I promise I would never forget this lovely, exciting dream!


© 2011 Vanessa Hui

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That was a really magical dream! I wish I had a magical dream like yours with Gucci too~ Just a kindly comment about your story: You can describe more detaily and focusly. Like, what is the look of the cockroaches? Mean? Or Angry? Further description can make your story look even better! Except this, you can tell more how you spent your time with Gucci! I would like to know more about the time you spent with Gucci and yourself!

Posted 11 Years Ago

wa! so cute! I mean your picture!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 6, 2011
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