Disaster - Earthquake, Tsunami and Radiation

Disaster - Earthquake, Tsunami and Radiation

A Story by Vanessa Hui

Natural disasters and man-made disasters are awful. I hope that everything can return to normal as soon as possible.



About three weeks ago, there was a horrible 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan which also caused a tsunami.  Many thousands of people died and were homeless.  They lost their families and houses.  They suffered from having no food or water.  Everything was wrecked.


Furthermore, the worse thing was the leaking radiation from the Fuksushima nuclear power station.  Everyone was scared, and their faces were as white as a sheet.  The leakage of the radiation is still not under-control.  Many countries wanted to help the Japanese people and stop the leaking radiation.  These included rescuing people, donating food, water, money and other things, and solving the radiation problems.


Unfortunately, the food was also contaminated by radiation.  Many countries slapped a ban on a variety of food such as diary products, vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry and seafood which were exported from Japan.  It really added insult to injury!


Natural disasters are awful but man-made disasters are more awful than natural disasters.  In this case, who can rescue them?  I not only pray to God to help them, but I also donate money to them, I feel helpless.  But I really hope that the victims can recover from their extremely cruel experience as soon as possible.  And then, the radiation leak may be under-control at once. 


In addition, humans must make serious considerations about disasters in the future and have a clear decision for developing the high technology of radioactive plants.  Otherwise, humans will become extinct.  And the earth will end because of us.



© 2011 Vanessa Hui

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Vanessa, what a soft-hearted person you are. I agree with you, Japan is really in dangered, so we should lend them a hand. Humans should help each other. This is really a meaningful piece, love it so much.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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