My neighbour’s pet

My neighbour’s pet

A Story by Vanessa Hui

My neighbour keeps a very special pet. What is it? It will make you scream.


My neighbour’s pet


My neighbour keeps a very special pet.  What is it?  It is fluffy that makes you sneeze.  It is enormous that makes you shake.  It is fierce that makes you scream.  It is a lion!


One evening, my neighbour, Jake’s family members all out for work, so there was only Jake at home.  Suddenly, I heard a strange sound.  It seemed to be the lions roaring at the zoo.  Then, the door bell rang.  I opened the door and saw Jake.  At first, I thought that he would like to invite me to play with him since felt bored with no one at home.  However, out of my surprise, he came to ask for several pieces of meat.  I was speechless, but I still gave him the meat.  Since then, I realized that there was something weird at his home.  A few days later, I asked him whether I could go to his home to play or not.  He declared, “Of course, I am really bored.”  When I entered his home, I asked, “May I go to the toilet?”  At that moment, I crept into his room and saw a giant lion.  I was so frightened and screamed out loudly because there was not any rope or chain beside it.  Jake ran to me at once and calmed me down.  He said that it will not hurt anyone and it loves playing with everyone.  Just after Jake had finished his speaking, the lion sat beside me and hugged me to its shoulders.  It ran around Jake’s home and made me feel dizzy, but I loved it.


After spending time with the lion, I didn’t hate and fear of it again.  Besides, I think spending time with it is a relief.  When I come home from school, I play with it for a long time!

© 2012 Vanessa Hui

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Added on March 25, 2012
Last Updated on March 25, 2012