The night

The night

A Poem by ved

I tried to put my emotions on paper and made a poem. I think the word night will give you a little idea of the poem and the darkness hidden in it.

Going down the earth 
Or above the sky 
You can kill the birds 
Or let them fly

I am like the shadow of the night
I cannot see the real light

There is no one for me
Darkness is the only thing which i can see

I am like the king of the chess
Just born to take stress

I cannot fight
I am just like a night
I am just like a night

Only a deaf can hear me
And a blind can see me
Barely a crazy can teach me
And a innocent soul can kill me

I cannot die
I cannot survive
I am niether happy nor sad
I cannot laugh
I cannot cry
Just waiting for the moon to make me smile
I know it will never come
It was just a lie
Soon i will die
Soon i will die

© 2021 ved

Author's Note

I think that this poem is not spectacular but I tried my best to pure out my feeling through it.

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It's a mournful poem, Ved. It's a tough place to be when one sees nothing but darkness. You can't live fully and you can't die either. You just find yourself in limbo with nothing but your thoughts and stresses. Very relatable. I enjoyed the poem and the repetition is used to good effect.👍

Posted 4 Days Ago


4 Days Ago

I am very grateful that you related to this, we all had suffered from extreme darkness in our life w.. read more
I really liked reading this. I feel what you're feeling. I hope you start feeling better soon :)

Posted 5 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

thank you yashika but I guess i like the pain and sadness now

5 Days Ago

no one ever likes the pain and sadness, they merely get used to living like that.

4 Days Ago

maybe you are right like even the prisoner loves cell after sometimes.
Very mysterious yet vulnerable..interesting read

Posted 6 Days Ago


6 Days Ago

Thank you for your time.
Pleased to read you ved. Your lines express your inner thoughts and feelings. They are dark with a feeling of hopelessness about circumstances. It is heavy reading and my thoughts are drawn to the many world wide who are living in fear of the virus and how it is running amok. Thank you for this first read. I hope you write more.


Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

thank you so much, Christine Anne Shaw. I had explored your poems too, they are very magnificent
Christine Anne Shaw

1 Week Ago

You are very kind :)
This is fantastic! The rhythmic words are catching ! Great job

Posted 1 Week Ago

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1 Week Ago

thank you, Adriana.

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5 Reviews
Added on May 4, 2021
Last Updated on May 4, 2021



haryana, India

I am ved and I prefer to express my essence on paper. I ordinarily don't communicate with many souls. I admire writing something shady and dark. I remain unmindful of the quality of my content. more..

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