Repugnance in Duplication

Repugnance in Duplication

A Poem by Vela June (or aira isane)

Flittering hands,
restless movements,
and whispers of secrets
passing through the air.

Forgive me,
I recall asking,
blinking more than once
as I revive myself.

Pinch me
and let the blood trickle

Do wake
the sleeping beauty,
tell her the truth
that lies beneath
the crumpled sheets.

Blistered feet
from the rain the other day
with sweets just beside
and tea!
to calm myself
on my pink frilly couch.

Bring forth,
she would command
the pauper
that took my heart

They should abhor
the girl that stole a life
lest she finds out
of my ill intentions
where death
is the thought.

Turn my ears
from the truth,
from where I stand,
as I reach out
to what
shouldn't have been there.

Take a step
she would remind me,
giving glances
to the fairy
who just seems
a little too
to the situation

I do-

She smiles to hide
her unsure emotions.

keep these feelings
for hell may break lose.
if only she didn't
act so carelessly
these thoughts
wouldn't end a life.

These flittering hands,
my restless eyes,
and blistered feet...

Oh, the pain,
they hurt,
from the rain the other day.

But remember,
do wake
the sleeping beauty
that lies beneath
her sea of fears.

© 2011 Vela June (or aira isane)

Author's Note

Vela June (or aira isane)
author's note: This is written for my poetry class. The subject is really to the reader's interpretation, but it has to do a lot with a person's identity and trying to find their true self.

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Added on September 4, 2011
Last Updated on September 4, 2011
Tags: identity, personality, life, decisions


Vela June (or aira isane)
Vela June (or aira isane)

Long Beach, CA

I’m currently a homebody, doing the things that I love which are drawing and writing. With the second chance of having free time, I’ve immersed myself in works I’ve put off for a whi.. more..