part II

part II

A Story by VICIOUSxX

part 2

Dark, cold air enveloped Zaira as she entered the room. "Is it done?" The husky voice of a middle-aged man questioned her from behind a leather chair, facing the opposite wall. Zaira threw the gold money clip down onto the table separating the two, causing a clinking noise to pierce the quiet. 
Bates slowly spun around and chuckled quietly. "What did you do with the cash?" He asked with a crooked smile. The silver tooth in the side of his mouth matched his silver hair. He was handsome for an international assassin. 
"Like I'll need cash after this one," Zaira responded, cocking a perfectly shaped dark eyebrow at her employer. He chuckled again. 
"How's Moscow?" He stood up and headed to the bar at the other side of the room. "I hear its beautiful this time of year." He poured whiskey into two square glasses and handed one of them to her, taking a drink of the other.
"It wasn't bad," she responded, setting her drink on the table. "I'd like more of a challenge this time around, though," she took a step closer to him. "I'm getting bored." 
"This is your specialty, Zaira." He took another drink and reached into his suit to pull out an envelope. "I assume you cleaned up after yourself." 
"You don't have to babysit me anymore, Bates. The Russian police conducted an investigation, they found his business partner to be primary suspect. He is currently sitting in a jail cell, waiting to be found guilty of my crime." She exhaled sharply, frustrated that he would doubt her.  
"Its my job to babysit you, Zaira." He handed her the envelope. "God forbid something goes wrong." Zaira opened the envelope and pulled out photographs of a crime scene, showing a man sprawled on the floor with blood surrounding his head and chest. She put the photographs back into the envelope and handed them back to Bates. "That was Steinman, my greatest weapons man. He didn't do a thorough job covering his tracks, and now he's in a morgue." Bates walked to the desk in the back corner of the dimly lit room, taking out a black folder and handing it to Zaira. 
"Covering tracks is Assassination 101, I think I have more sense than that," she said as she took the folder. 
"Exactly my next point." Bates sat down in his chair and took another drink. "I need my team to be built of the best. No more gun specialists with zero common sense, that mistake almost cost me my entire business." 
"What are you getting at, sir?" Zaira opened the folder and surveyed the instructions and information inside. 
"I'm bringing in someone new." Zaira shut the folder and locked eyes with Bates. 
"" Her usually hardened expression changed to one of curiosity. 
"He's like you- a master of mind games," Bates said. "A trained killer, extremely qualified with weapons, and likes to play with his mice before he eats them." 
"Sounds like we'll get along," Zaira said as she reopened the folder. 
"That's your next case." He nodded to the folder. "A drug lord in London whose responsible for multiple homicides that have slipped under the radar." Zaira reviewed her new identity. 
"Blonde?" She questioned with a small smile. 
"I thought it'd look good with your eyes," Bates joked. Zaira closed the folder and crossed her arms. 
"So when do I get to meet this new guy?" She asked. 
"Don't worry, you'll get the pleasure of working with him soon enough." 
"Wait, working with him?" She barked. She'd never worked with anyone else before. 
"You heard what I said. He'll be joining you on this case." 
"I work alone." 
"You work for me. I say partner, you say how much." 
"How much," she asked. 
"2 million." 
"That's an expensive kill," she said suspiciously. 
"I figured you'd need some persuading," Bates said with a silver-toothed smile. 

© 2010 VICIOUSxX

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I agree with dutch. Wonderful flow of words. the piece gives me chills but he right they are much to short they leave me dying for more. Id also like to get a description on her when he says the blonde matches her eyes i want to know what color!! Other than that its AHMAZING

Posted 13 Years Ago

Nice chapter, but try to put a little more into your chapters. These short chapters are killing me! I always want to read more!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Yes I am even though nothing much happened in this chapter as it's the introduction and introductions introduce.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Chicago, IL

I'm 17 and I've always LOVED fiction writing. Fiction is an outlet for the many depths of the imagination; dreams, fantasies, the darkness inside us we don't always tap into. Well I'm tapping into it .. more..


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