A Poem by Matt

Tryin to figure myself out

My words... They only bring pain.
These hands.. I'm afraid they do the same.
I give up because i learned something long ago.
Hope kills.. assume the worst and you'll never be let down.

I look in the mirror every night and hate what i see.
To Remember all the times I've failed.
Oh whoa oh f*****g whoa is me.
Drowning in my self pity i know all i can do is change.

Life is a movie and i'm that broken prop on a stage.
You've become a wonderful actress.
Dear autumn green eyed girl...
your the only one that sees..

Its scene 7 and the curtain is closing.
The stage darkens and a spotlight is on me.
I stammer to halt and think of what to say.
I love you,i'm incomplete.
I hate each and everyday.

The crowd applauds then dissapears one by one.
If only..

I'm the only one to blame.
If it wasn't for me things wouldn't be so.... lame? {hah}
Staring into my own eyes i see a coward.
and i remember every lie.

Courage is the acceptance of every fear and the will to keep fighting anyways.

There is only one thing I hate to do.
To dream every night of you.
To breathe in every morning a hope...
That kills.

Sweet three worded lullabies.
They tear me apart.
(Low self confidence,
complete and utter distrust.
Negative thoughts.)

All of that goes away.
So tell me once more...
I love you too.

© 2011 Matt

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I found the only way to overcome this type of agony is...everytime you come to a Y in the road...turn RIGHT instaed of wrong..valentine

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love you're style. I have been in this place so many times, so I can defiantly relate. "Hope kills.. assume the worst and you'll never be let down" was my motto for so long. Really nice work! Keep it up!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on September 12, 2011
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Fort Worth, TX

my name is matthew. nuff said... oh and all this is old stuff.. way old stuff more..

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