Finding Out

Finding Out

A Chapter by vintageromance96

Chapter 1

Finding Out

"Sara, have you finished your homework?'' Aunt Mary said cheerfully to me as she came through my door to the front of my light blue house with lavender shutters and doors. My house looked so much like a fairy tale painting rather than an old, but beautiful house with roses and vines running down the side of the house.

Aunt Mary had been going through hard times ever since her husband Bob (heart attack), her friend Katie (hit by a cement truck), her Mother, Annabelle (old age), and her friend's sister Annie (we don't know how she died) whom she was friends with too, all died.

I had invited her to live with me because of the hard times and because the economy was down. Also she was getting a little bit old and she could not pay her rent, so she lost her house.

"It's not homework, it's my job," I replied. I felt sorry for correcting her but I had to, she was older now and had memory loss. I had a degree in animal sciences, art, and spying. I only had jobs in two out of the three, but I was very experienced in all of them. I am a veterinarian and a spy for the National Animal Abuse Rescue Association or N.A.A.R.A.

I was too worried about my parents and sisters Kayla, and Janie that I forgot to ask her how her day was. They had been gone for a year and one month, because they were at the castle meeting King James and Queen Victoria.


Imagine the president dies and so does the vice-president, well the king and queen are backup for the U.S.A. That is how all of this works.

"Sara, I want you to know something, and quickly." This time I heard her and I came. "The king has died, and has accused your parents and your sisters of killing him!"

"But if he is really dead than how have they been accused?" I cried.

"I know you are upset, but you are the only person that can save them. Oh, and by the way I don't know."

I heard a voice then in my head, and I think it was an angel calling me. She said, "Darling, you are the only person that can save them. I know that you are very scared to do this but I want you to know that you will be alone in the beginning, just to be prepared." The voice sounded very amiable.

I then knew I had to do something. Either I would give up my family and save myself or I would save my family and sacrifice myself. I had to do something, and soon, before they got locked up in a prison tower. I thought, and thought, and finally concluded to go and save them, after all that they have done for me, and besides that, they are the only ones I will ever have. I then heard the James Bond Theme Song Music in my headand I knew then that I needed to go now. Mom, Dad, Kayla, and Janie were all counting on me to do this.

The moment I heard my thoughts one by one (because before, they were ALL rushing through my head) I passed out, fainted, or whatever you might want to call it.

"HONEY, are you all right?" but I did not hear her. When I woke up, I was in my silk bed. It was very unpassé. She repeated herself again, and then asked me if I was all right. I still could not respond. In addition, I was starting to get worried. She was too. Another voice was telling me to talk. Moreover, after that I heard another. I think it was actually my own. I said, "Hi, do you want to be my friend?" But, in a pre-schoolish; kindergartenish; little kid kind-of voice. No one said anything to me after I thought I had said something. However, maybe I was dreaming. Wait, did I really say that. I mean that is so unlike me. Nevertheless, I knew that Aunt Mary was with me, but I still could be in la-de-da-de-da land still passed out, but now on my pink corduroy sofa bed. Which was also very unpassé for the time. I then remembered that I needed to save my family and automatically sprung up like a bullet. Was I really with Aunt Mary, or was I in another dimension? I didn't know. Wherever I am, I knew that I was awake and not 'asleep' if that's what you might call it.

I wondered then if I could call Aunt Mary on my LG lipstick-red colored cell phone. I then remembered that I should also call my friends Marie Livingston and William Henderson. I tried to call each of them but they all did not respond. That's so not like them. I thought about what I should do now.

© 2012 vintageromance96

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