Mr. Fake

Mr. Fake

A Chapter by vintageromance96

Chapter 2

Mr. Fake

I was now about to be stuck to a spider's web. I screamed a girly kind of scream. "It's just a nightmare!" Marie and William cried together. I was awake now, and relived. "I am so glad to see you!" I cried back. I then sobbed and cried until they asked me if I was doing this on purpose, and then I asked what happened and they answered all my thoughts, concerns, and questions.

I saw a letter on a table and it was addressed to me: Sara Love. I walked over to it, but in the process I realized that I was in the hospital. When I was done looking around, I opened the letter. It said, "My Dear Sara, I just found out that your parents have been informed to the notice that Mary Passant is dead. I have sent the notice to them saying that you are to live with Ms. Marie Livingston,


The King."

O.K. things were really getting worse and more suspicious now. First the king "dies" second the my family is accused of killing him, third my beloved Aunt "dies" too, and fourth the king writes me a letter saying that my Aunt has died, but the king wrote it, not some one else. I knew that. I needed to do something and even more than before.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here." A doctor came in, but he looked suspicious.

"I really would like to get out of here, and quickly!" I yelled as if the doctor was three fourths deaf. But instead of being nice and kind and reassuring me, he quickly pulled out a whip and struck me twice. I screamed.

"C'mon, we ought to get out of here and quickly, before he strikes you too!" William said as he watched me get struck the fourth time now.

"Don't worry, he's a doctor." Marie said.

"I'd hate to do this to you but he's a fake!"I replied. We all ran out with a second to spare, "Mr. Fake' 'the doctor' followed. He tried to whip me again but he missed by an inch. I screamed again and this time a nurse saw this happening and ran after him. We ran out of the hospital and Marie confessed to William and I that she was wrong and that we were right.

It then occurred to me that William Henderson was missing, Marie and I looked around for William while trying to stay out of 'Mr. Fake's' way. "Sara, Marie, I glad to see you! Please help me out here now!"

I looked around for William Henderson, because that was his voice, but all I saw was a robot. He had suddenly lost his grammar since he was with me in the hospital. "ROOOOOBOT!" I screamed as if I was meeting a robot, but I was! The robot was probably about thirty-five feet tall and me… Only five foot six. I was doomed. I screamed for William Henderson and Marie Livingston to come but only bad luck came forth. I took out a pencil and a scrap of paper from my hobo style purse (which was actually a receipt) and started to write my will, but I heard a voice telling me to stop and look around, I did what I was told. I think it was the angel I heard telling me to go on the quest.

The quest. Oh no!

© 2012 vintageromance96

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Added on May 22, 2012
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