Angel's Secret

Angel's Secret

A Chapter by vintageromance96

Chapter 4

Angel's Secret

Angel was a good kitten and very energetic, if the Energizer Bunny was a feline, than she would be their mascot: The Energizer Kitten.


"I know that you're hungry." I said.

"MEOW!"She mewed a horrific scream for a cat to do, yet alone a kitten.


"Look outside!" Angel said.

"You just talked, aaanddd you're packing your own suitcase!"

"Yeah, I was going to tell you that."

"But you are just a kitten."

"A magical kitten." Angel corrected.

"Wait, so you said what?"

"Look out the window."

The robot was trying to kill me. Again, and again.

"Come, Angel go out the back door flap where the mail comes in. I'll go through the window."

"NO! I will not let you die on my watch, look, I have dealt with him before and killed him, but this is just a replica… don't worry….you go through the back door, and I will go through the window."

"O.K., you know more than I do. I am sure of that." We did as we planed and succeeded with the first part of the quest.

I then took a ladder, climbed to the top, took apart the robot, and found a time machine latent inside! "Hop inside, quickly." We took off. I set the time machine to Tuesday, May 10, 2056 4:08 am.

"Let's go find them," I thought.

When we arrived a man said "Yo, little girl, would you like to buy some joe?" He held up the peace sign. He looked a little bit drunk, well maybe a lot.

"Let's go Angel!" I said to her in my mind. She once again meowed but this time before she came with me she bit the stranger and then came to me, the stranger still looking drunk, but very confused.

When we got away and in a safe place, I asked Angel, "Where are we?"

"I don't know, but wait, aren't we in New York City on Cherryblossom Avenue. OMG! It's you as an old lady!" screamed Angel.

No it could not be me: Old, WRINKLED, and 48 years old. I'm only 23 right now, I did some quick calculations and this is 28 years in the future.

I could change it.

It then happened, I saw my family; food being thrown in their face; they were in prison and my mom was not there, though she gave me a clue: Today is Friday the 13th; the time is 9:05 please stand for the pledge to the flag.

Tomorrow I would go to a school and find my mom, but first I would have to find a school that begins at 9:00 to 9:05. Then I would take a taxi and ask them to take me to the school where I would show the front office who I am, get a visitor's tag and find my mom: Mrs. Love.

I did my research and got a hotel room, and once I snuck in Angel, because they don't allow pets in, I looked around for a phonebook. I found one and I don't know why, but I did a funky dance. I then got up and looked under New York City schools: New York City Secondary School~9:00- 4:30. BINGO!

"That is the one that we need to go to," I thought; "Let's get a good night sleep." "Angel wake me up at 6:45 so we can be early or on time. If you wake me up at the correct time I'll give you an extra great treat."

"O.K., but I am very hungry right now."

I fed her but she was still very hungry, I was worried that she was getting sick. Meow, chortle, meow, cry. Something was wrong, and it was my job to save her as her caretaker.

"I need hug, make me purr, I lose magic, and I die." Angel said. I cried while she purred and at the same time I hugged her.

Then she handed me a watch, it said live or die, fight or flight, it rather looked like a timer mixed with a gas gauge in your car. The timer said what I needed to do to get magic back, but it also said how much time I had before all magic ran out. I had to find my family, rescue time, find out the mysteries about the King James and my Aunt Mary, and rescue magic too.

© 2012 vintageromance96

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