A Chapter by vintageromance96

Chapter 4


I ran to Times Square and called for a taxi then and hoped that it was not too late. The person driving asked me to look at the time on my other watch, the one that tells actual time.

"It's 8:40." I said. It was getting late.

"Hey, um, hey lady, where do you want to go?"

"New York City Secondary School please."

"Sure, get the heck in then."

Boy was he P.! He called me a jerk right as I was thinking, not only was he a manic, he was a crazy person.

"Look if you want the sale, you'll be nice, if you don't want the sale that's fine. I can save my money."

"Fine, save the money, but I'm going to make your life miserable." I did not dare to say a word. He was a real jerk. "You're here lady so get lost! NOW!"

I got out of that taxi and looked for the license plate, but there was none. I looked at the taxi's number: 101432. PERFECT! YEAH! I dialed the police's phone number: 911.

"Hello, can I report a taxi driver?" I said.

"Sure, what's the license plate number?" The police replied.

"There was no license plate; front or back, but the taxicab's taxi number is 101432!"

"Sure, there is none with that number; there are only four digit number codes on taxis in New York."

"Just track it down!" I replied. I heard some screaming, then a gag, and then a gunshot.

"I want you to keep your mouth shut you BEEEEP!" Someone said to me.

SOMEONE WAS STALKING ME! I quickly turned my head and looked around to see who was watching me �" no one I knew or cared about. I wondered what the person or gang was doing stalking ME. I wondered why I was SO interesting. I just needed to mind my own business. But this was my own business. I was SOOO confused. I just wanted to get out of here, and fast.

© 2012 vintageromance96

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Added on May 22, 2012
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