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I Saved the World

I Saved the World

A Chapter by vintageromance96

Chapter 8

I saved the world!

I loved my William Henderson, Angel, Janie, Kayla, mom, dad, Marie, and, oh, well, of course, myself all very much, but we were all baffled when we saw that there was a BIG, GIANT, THIRTY- FIVE FEET TALL, ROBOT STANDING IN FRONT OF MY FIVE FEET- SIX LITTLE BODY.

"RUN! RUN! RUN! EVERBODY RUN!" I screamed as if I just saw with my own two eyes, a bloody murder.

"Why aren't you running you idiot, you freak, you freak' in little baby?" It was the robot and there was 99.9% chance that there was someone running that voice, that robot, that-

"Mr. Fake!" I cried.

"What?" everybody in the world must of heard me scream like that because at that moment everybody in my sight of seeing looked at me and more.

I tried to think as quickly as, well, never before.

I climbed to the top of that freak' in back at you robot; took of that lid of a head and found….


Mr. Fake.

William Henderson then shot up something wait, wait, oh yeah! A cell phone, but not any cell phone, my cell phone, it had been missing since well, I don't know when, but there were a couple other things, a pair of handcuffs, a smelly sock, oh my gosh that smells horrible, a clothes pin and a box.

"Open your cell phone, and listen to the messages I gave you. Then put them on pause and fallow them carefully. Please do not mess them up." William Henderson cried from down below.

"Put the clothes pin on your nose. Then put the smelly sock in front of Mr. Fake's nose and hold there until he passes out, when done make sure he is 'asleep', after that put handcuffs, on him, fasten tightly, and call the police. When completed please open the box and call me for the answer."

I did what I was told but what box would need an answer?

I opened the box very carefully and wait, I just saved the world, no just New York City, well no, New York, I just saved New York.

© 2012 vintageromance96

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Added on May 22, 2012
Last Updated on May 22, 2012



Ellicott City, MD

Hi, my name is Alexandra. I'm in college majoring in Secondary Education - Mathematics. I love creative writing and love to read. I enjoy writing poetry and I always have something to say. Thank you f.. more..