May 2000

May 2000

A Chapter by Reya

May 2


For a week I am staying at mum's friend's house (the one with the big house) because dad is on a business trip to the USA. She let me sleep in the "royal" bed. It was lovely. This lady's daughter did international importing for work and she presented her with an antique European furniture set, including a stunning bed with carvings and gold paint. We went shopping and I got a running ball for my hamster. They had the tiniest hamsters at the shop! I was very tempted to get one. Later I helped the lady out in her garden. She let me wear her nice pyjamas at night.


May 4


Today the lady took me and one of her friends to the mountains. We drove through a forest and it was very beautiful. They told me this area used to have thieves. We went to some rich people's place who own a massive house and the surrounding area with forests! The owners are these old couple and their house and the garden are very old, about 400 years old. The garden is stunning, full of beautiful fragrant flowers. And the forest is pretty. How would one feel, to own all of this? Just one tree would sell for a few hundred of thousands and there are thousands of them! For the whole time I felt that I already knew these people. Interesting. I get this feeling sometime. Girls in school said they get that sort of feeling too.


May 8


Dad came back and picked me in the evening. It made me sad to leave. I sometimes felt like the lady did not like me but overall she felt like a grandma. Dad brought her a large witch doll and TAROT cards that she wanted. For me, dad got two AQUA albums, a Grease soundtrack and Mary-Kate and Ashley CD. Also two bracelets and perfume. So much! Wanted a different CD but. I did love AQUA! Somehow I felt very said when we drove back from the lady's place. I felt like hugging someone, mum maybe.


May 10


I did some cleaning in the morning and dad took me to a meat restaurant for lunch. After that I went to Yuki's. I played AQUA for her and I think she liked it. She lent me a memoir book of a girl who was bullied badly growing up. It was shocking but it's a real story. This must have been my first introduction to survivor literature. I got hooked later on and it influenced my career choice substantially.  I planted some sunflowers back home. Hoping they will grow!


In the English class, a teacher brought the Anne Frank book. I just saw her photo just recently! I am really excited about reading it.

Mar 18


I read the Anne Frank's book at school. The book is interesting! She used to have a lot of boys chasing her. And I got a good idea from the book. To write the journal in the form of letters, addressing the diary. Her journal is called Kitty. Shall I try? Sounds interesting! Instead of a penpal! Right so your name shall be... Ellie. Hi Ellie! I will tell you what happened today. By the way, Anne wrote more about her feelings rather than describing events. That sounds like a good idea too. Perhaps the book would end up more interesting if I did that.


The day was not very good today. At school, one idiot boy stood up on my desk. He calls people names but he's such an idiot himself! He wants to show that he has power by walking on and lying on desks and kicking people. Isn't that stupid? Before, he even walked over the keys of the class organ! I also have seen before how he wipes his snot on his pants. You must understand what it feels like when he touches my things! I think all boys are like that. Maybe not that much, but still dirty. And there is one other thing I notice. He often steals another boy's pen case and when he tries to recover it, the teachers get angry with him (the one stolen from). That's not very fair. It's not like I like him! Just saying.


On the way back from school I chatted with Yuki and another girl. They say that a lot of kids don't talk good about me. They gave me some specific examples. They are very trivial. Seriously, why should people hate me because of something so small? I don't like different things in people but there is no one (out of girls) that I hate at school. What's wrong with people being so easy to upset? But then after all, why should I care? I have my music and and confidence that everything is going to be fine and that's enough. But yea, it is weird. Even Rina and some other girls seem to talk to me less. And I don't recall doing anything recently (to upset them).


Did my homework for about two hours. It was hard to concentrate. Tomorrow we have a test on synonyms, antonyms and phraseological units in hieroglyphs.  I've never seen or heard a lot of them. I finally struggled through it with the help of music. 

© 2018 Reya

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I always wanted to write memoirs (well ever since I was 11 and fell in love with memoir books) and I have kept diaries since I was 12. I planned to start publishing them when I turned 30, which felt .. more..

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