May 2000 -3

May 2000 -3

A Chapter by Reya


May 27


Dad took me out for lunch and to a video cassette rental shop. I chose two CDs and four videos. One of the videos is a movie called Melody and then another one - The Diary of Anne Frank! That got me so excited! I really want to describe my feelings but cannot describe them in words. I will first write about the movie itself.


The movie was really good. It was shot in 1959. I think Anne's dad (who survived the holocaust) assisted in the production. But I had some disappointments. In some parts the story had been changed. Especially I was upset about the bits with Peter. A lot was different. Like the part of them falling in love. It wasn't even very romantic, unlike the book! Even the part about the kiss! It was only barely covered. Although I thought that was almost the central theme! I felt very disappointed that it was not based on "my" book. Still, the overall impression I got was good, just like the book. I am finally calming down now but I felt so intense right after it! Hard to describe that state. Sad but at the same time good. How do you say 感動 in Russian? I want to write about this in English. But again, why on earth did not they follow the book? It would have been more interesting. Ah it's still good though. Why are there so few books and movies as amazing? Of course, perhaps I do not know much but I have at least heard a lot about adventure films but movies like this, that make you experience such amazing feelings - there are none. In the movie they say that their hiding place is now open as a museum and you can go in. I so want to go! It is hard to believe this is for real. Anne has become something incredible for me, almost magical. Such a pity that she died! And I thought just now that it would have been great if the other dwellers of the "Secret Annexe" had kept diaries too, especially Peter! Would have been so cool to compare them!


I am getting more certain again that keeping a journal is important. Not just for me, for all people on the planet! Now, in the future and... in the past. I am sure that a lot of people had lives like Anne's. Maybe even more interesting. But they haven't kept a diary. Sometimes people want to leave their name in history forever and don't know what to do for it. And sometimes all that is enough is a diary that you keep for 2 years. For example, people should remember and be impressed with Anne for at least another century! Wish I could encourage people to keep a journal. Not sure how. Ah I am still in this mood. I feel sad but inspired and awestruck at the same time. Wish there were more movies like this. It's a pity that I know this wouldn't last. Guess I will start with Yuki. I mean tell her how amazing journaling is.

May 28


Dear Ellie,  From this day on I pretty much stuck to this line, even currently, almost 18 years on:) But I won't include it in this transcript because there is no much point to it.  


Today we went to a shopping centre far away. I wanted quite a lot of things but dad only got me some glow-in-the-dark stars and snowflakes. We played bowling whole 4 times. And then dad let me take a photo in this photobooth where your photo turns into a pencil drawing. I really liked it.  Although I was really embarrassed when I realised there was a screen outside the booth on which dad could see how I was trying to make a good face of myself as a photo was being taken... 


That Anne Frank movie was so good! I think the thing that impressed me most about it was that Anne was my age when this all happened and also according to the way she was portrayed in the movie, she was a very happy and life-loving girl. Ah such a pity that she died! I was just reading the footnotes... It said that Anne had met a friend of hers (from before the war) in the concentration camp. They cried and cried. I think it was the one that Anne referred to as the best friend in the diary. I can almost cry myself! I really want to read more stories like this, or watch movies. Why does no one keep diaries? And I so wish I had someone to talk to about this! Yuki is not interested. Dad probably isn't either. Of course I have you, Ellie, but you are probably sick of it by now. I hope you can understand me. But still, I cannot wait for an opportunity to talk or write about this, perhaps at my English class. One problem though, I don't really like the fact that Anne is so famous. I like liking things that most people don't even know about. I guess a lot of people think this way. I should stop thinking about the movie and go to sleep.


May 30


I could not sleep last night thinking about Anne. I figured out how to describe this one feeling I was confused about. I feel like I have been trapped with all of my feelings in a cage and I am not let out. I am planning to turn this into a drawing for my art class! Obviously there are good feelings that I don't need to escape from. But there are negative ones too, like when I remember above all that Ann died. Just before the war ended too! If not, she would have been 70 years old now and she would have published a lot of great books. So want to share with someone. That's why I keep writing to you so much about this.


I have been watching a show about E.R. So scary! How do the doctors manage? They have so many cases just in one day! It is disgusting to just look at some cases but they have to think within seconds.It's fascinating how people get saved!


May 31


We have fresh teachers at school. That is, students who want to be teaches come for placements. The science teacher is really bad at explaining and she is not well liked because of that. But I feel a little sorry for her. Because I imagine how she must be feeling. So I raise my hand a lot! To help her out!

© 2018 Reya

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I always wanted to write memoirs (well ever since I was 11 and fell in love with memoir books) and I have kept diaries since I was 12. I planned to start publishing them when I turned 30, which felt .. more..

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