Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis

A Poem by Joseph Cooper

What is life?

Born into a world with no meaning

fed meaning by mothers spoons

so finite, such little time

the end is certain.


Why go to school?

Learn a skill, or maybe many

To elucidate the populace?

To make money and survive?

Though the grave it will not stay.


Why be moral?

To get to a heavenly place?

There is no certainty

Even less on what is moral

A lifetime that question to answer.


Maybe intelligence?

To be able to understand ones sin

A cruel joke, what most consider bright

To understand finite, and loss of meaning

Ignorance never questions itself.


Why live?

To pass the time

For there is nothing better to do

To answer questions

And to just make it through.


© 2013 Joseph Cooper

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Life is what you create for yourself. An infinite supply of happiness or a string of relentless disappointment. We go to school to keep our minds from stagnating. After all, a sentient mind needs structure and routine! Be moral, because one day, morality will mean nothing in a world full of narcissists. Intelligence makes life harder! after all stupidity does not discriminate against the intelligent! Live for the sake of living, for once you have departed from this, sometimes cruel word, another will take your place and also the oxygen that once inflated and nurtured your lungs. Very said and borderline suicidal piece of poetry. Well done for making me fear for your life in this poem. Hope all if good and if you need to speak to anyone, I am only a private message away...:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on November 26, 2013
Last Updated on November 26, 2013
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Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper


I am a strange person, both in love with his emotions, and furious at them. I feel that sadness is the well from which all writers draw inspiration, and that trying to draw from any other well just co.. more..