A Chapter by Searching 4 Serenity

Where am I going?

*Neah!* *Bah* *Neah!* *Bah*

~Whispered moans~
Is it a goat? Is it a lamb?
Is he a saint? Part of the damned?
I cannot tell. Such a nice guy 
He rings a bell. Holds it up high
~Whispered moans~

~Satan shouting~
I'm bringing you with me tonight
Tricking you fools with my cursed plight
My goal is to make your life suck
Making you feel at home in muck

~Satan shouting~

~Whispered moans~
He brings me up to bring me down
Like crashing waves that make you drown
I am confused from rocking sways
Just like a lamb, I've gone astray
~Whispered moans~

~Satan shouting~
Now you are caught in my death trap
Don't even try there's no turning back
As you begin to slowly die
I am starting to come alive

~Satan shouting~

Chorus: ~Pained Innocence~
Stop tormenting me     (Gdramatic-slide
F  G-G-F  Ab)
All I want is to see      
(D  Ab  F  Bb  Ab  G)
I hate this disease       (Gdramatic-slideF  G  G  F-Ab)
Why can't I be free?     (G  Bb A  Ab  G)
~Pained Innocence~

~Whispered moans~
What is this life truly meant for?
Why do I feel like I need more?
All of these *THINGS!* that I hold dear
They never bring me any cheer
~Whispered moans~

~Satan shouting~
I am holding you back with fear
Making you numb with a jabbing spear
Just like a white noise from afar
Soon you forget. Now burn like tar!

~Satan shouting~


Confusion... Temptation... Suggestions... Intentions...
Obsessions!... Possessions!... Aggression!... Addictions!.... ....




~Closing~      ~Pained Innocence~

Why can't I be free?    (G  Bb A  Ab  G)

I want to be free     (G  Bb A  Ab  G)

I need to be free     (G  Bb A  Ab  G)

Please, let me be... free      (G  Bb A  Ab  Gshaky last breath)

~Closing~          ~Pained Innocence~

© 2011 Searching 4 Serenity

Author's Note

Searching 4 Serenity

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A guided piece that leads the reader to denounce all reason of battle and look deep within the mind of the fighter at hand, well done, great read.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Amzing work! Lyrically these are stunning and as a poem - but I think there is a fine line between poetry and lyrics anyway :)
I am in awe of this love! The struggle happening is so well versed....the questioning is crystal clear....
A brilliant piece of work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I can feel the struggle in this song. I love the image of the bell being held high, it's a great hook.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on March 15, 2011
Last Updated on September 28, 2011
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Searching 4 Serenity

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