Plans...or Not

Plans...or Not

A Chapter by Veronica

I guess I was thinking of what to do today, as of course, my cellphone rings and ruins my morning, and guess who it is......Dawn.


I really don't feel like talking to her right now, not ever since she did what she did, just kissing Jason and making him run off for reasons of which I do not know. Honestly, sometimes I dunno about that guy, yet out of us girls, I've probably been around a lot more, of course Dawn, cause she just moved here, and I'm 100% sure on Kelsea, since I didn't really see her last summer or anything. But, once I do in fact found out for sure why Jason ran, it'll make me really mad.....or the polar opposite.....burst into complete laughter.


Anyways, I answered my ringing cellphone, and Dawn answered, asking what it was I was going to say, of course, I told her, "It's kinda personal...."


That was a half-lie, since it was my own business, but I told Kelsea and I think a few other people about it too, so yeah....half-half, just like a half moon is half dark, half light.


Then did Dawn get my number? I don't think I ever gave it to her....did I? I might've given it out, but if I didn't, it was either Kelsea, well actually she probably wouldn't, but she did to Jason, and then there's him, Jason, who could've given it out, but oh well, I could care less right now.


She said, interrupting my thoughts, "It seems as if everything is personal now, isn't it? Even Jason won't tell me.....what has this world come too?"


I was pretty angry at the way she put her words, so I said, "It's not like you two are going out, and you two barely know each other....out of everyone you know, I am probably the girl who knows him the best." I kept a pretty calm tone to see how she would react, and the outcome wasn't what I expected.


"I'm sorry," she said, continuing, "I just thought people were hiding things from me is all."


I thought about it, considering wether or not to accept her apology, and after a few moments, I said, "That's okay, I think that too, but I really have to go right now, okay? I'll talk to you later."


"Okay, bye," she said, sounding a lot more cheerful as I hung up.


I thought about what I should do, but after that talk with Dawn, I didn't really want to anything.


This kinda always happens to me when I'm about to go out, and then my friends end up pulling me back. I suppose it's for a good reason though, and everything usually happens for a reason, but that's not important right now, what's important is what I said, it kinda suggests I liked him sometime last year, which I did, but I'm over that now, at least I think I am, but sometimes you can never think of a reason why you do things.....

© 2010 Veronica

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Added on March 2, 2010
Last Updated on March 20, 2010
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