Riding to School

Riding to School

A Chapter by Veronica

Jade gets a lift to school from Magnus' dad.


 Right now I’m walking to school, hearing the sound of the crisp fall leaves crunching under my feet.

 I’m wearing my blue windbreaker with my blue jeans and green sneakers, with my red backpack and matching lunchbox.

 I’m walking alone, so I have no one to talk to, but I’m already consumed in my own thoughts. I hoped for once we wouldn’t be caught by Magnus’ dad today.

 But hey, it’s all worthwhile. I have a boyfriend, perfect parents, parties to go to, a perfect life.

 But I felt like I was missing something.

 Oh well, I didn’t bother to think of it. I keep thinking of how good Magnus looks, with his ice-blue eyes and brown hair. His tanned skin, and muscles.

 Just then I saw him and his dad driving by in the old blue car.

 Magnus asked me out the window, “Hey, you need a ride?”

 I told him, “Yes, I’d appreciate it.”

 His dad stopped the car and Magnus opened the door for me. I hopped in as his dad said, “Eh, chilly today ain’t it?”

 “Yup,” said Magnus and I in unison.

 “So…I hear you two have this big test coming up. You should study together,” brought up Magnus’ dad.

 Thing is, his dad thinks I’m in 10th grade like him so I have to go along with it. Lately it’s becoming a pain.

 “I think I have my facts down dad,” replied Magnus.

 “What about your little lass by ya?” asked his dad.

 “I got it down too!” I replied.

 “Wouldn’t hurt to review, right?” asked Magnus’ dad. “You should come over tonight to study, I’ll make hot chocolate.”

 “Ok I guess,” I said to him.

 “Brilliant!” exclaimed his dad.

 Then there was a silence.

 It lasted up until we got to the school. Magnus’ dad said, “Don’t forget tonight you two!”

 “We won’t!” yelled Magnus, getting out of the car. “Bye!”

 “Bye, Mr.Warner!” I said.

 Then I got out of the car, with Magnus’ help, and headed on into the school, I didn’t want to be late for gym.

© 2010 Veronica

Author's Note

This is still kinda the intro so it won't be a real story just yet. Sorry if it's short. :/

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Hehe, I wonder what will happen at the "studying" tonight. >:)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Hey!(: Well basically, my name's Veronica I'm 16 and I like many things. :P LONGEST MYSPACE SURVEY .: About you :.Name :VeronicaNickname :RoniEye color :BrownHair color :BrownFav color :Dark blueF.. more..

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