A Poem by Walczak

A poem.

On a crisp morn in mid-August was when a young murderer wrought this blood staining into his cotton hair from the corpse of a man just at his feet just lying there. But in this dark street around the bend is not where our story starts it is only just the end. It starts with a flower vase upon the sill and in it sits a rose bathing in the sunlight, forever’s when it grows. Picked for beauty of both bloom and stem, protection care and love, to the murderer it was all of them. So he kept the heavenly flower in his house, the cheese to his mouse. But then one day he just threw it out scared only by his history and some past bout. Yet his eyes lay fixed on where the rose lay just outside his home lying only softly on the loam. But he was forcing down some mistake knowing that his life was all too fake. Then sometime in the night so simply was the flower taken by a stranger who made flight causing our murderer to launch out into the dark; his intent; to leave far more than just a mark. When prowling the abyss a man will always miss. So unleash the beast within the monster just beneath my skin. Until this or some deed be done we have nowhere left to run. Now as we reach the end, yes the one around the bend, a bloodthirsty monster, but no not a man, clutches hold of the only one it can: the one who stole the rose away in a time when night no longer beckons forth the day. The claws hook in and begin to tear pieces… pieces… everywhere. Steaming blood and gory drips organs eaten as muscle rips scream and scream now scream once more as what’s left of a man falls down to the floor. No rose is found in all the mess save for its imprint; forever never growing less like a void in need of a filling it cannot get now nothing but regret. One day/second/hour/year and he might have known how to take and make it right, to save the life of a cotton haired stranger lying dead at my feet tonight.

© 2015 Walczak

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I really like how dark and emotional this piece is, the words are very descriptive and creative.. Well done!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on March 30, 2015
Last Updated on March 30, 2015
Tags: crash, rose, love, flower, murder, murderer, life, death, emotions, sadness, remorse, grief, guilt, break, up




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