Black Widow

Black Widow

A Poem by An Laech


My spoiled heart beats out of rhythm
A wilting flower, perishing under the sun
Plunged into a river of deceit
Plummeting into the abyss
My trust betrayed, severed bonds
Resting in the belly of the beast
Swallowed whole by her lies
Piercing my back so very deep
My love lies to waste in her barren heart
A moonless night, a black hole
Sucking away my weakened resolve
The web within holds me taut  
The spider seeks my sweating flesh
Injecting venom, the lies be told
She tastes my soul, sweetest nectar
Sucking dry, I become hollow
She is the deceiver, the spider, the sinner
I opened my arms, I closed my eyes
Blinded by her clever disguise
Baited by empty promises
Fly away, I wish to try
Held fast by her seductive dance
I lie in wait for impending darkness
For her to devour my final breath
Where art thou my little angel?
I desperately call out to the
My final hope in this hour of death
Whisk me away upon your wings
Come for me quickly, my beloved queen
Vanquish the spider that threatens
Cut these threads that hold me aloft
I will forever be in your debt
Take me to the promise land
In your heart where I find peace
An enchanted forest, a garden so sweet
Where I rest my head and sleep in harmony

© 2008 An Laech

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First off, at the risk of whatever I'm risking by saying so, you are fast becoming one my absolute favorite writers.
I was riddled with absolute chills under the influence of imagery in the first stanza. This is gorgeous. There is so much passion in the secondstanza that it is on the verge of being virtually unharnessable.

/...Take me to the promise land.../
(sigh...left breathless)
This is mortifyingly enchanting, as I feel trapped in the web of it, carried away unable to find the ground with my feet. I feel the exposure of a heart being devoured by a "vampirical" love Absolutely gorgeous.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on December 12, 2008


An Laech
An Laech

Houston, TX

I am a creature trapped in the wrong time. My heart beats for a time lost. A time that many say is fantasy but I wish to believe was once reality. A time before this technological nightmare we live in.. more..

Burben Burben

A Poem by An Laech