Vinyl Record

Vinyl Record

A Poem by watch_the_world

The best way to describe my depression is:
My depression is like a vinyl record.
Most of the time my thoughts pass by smoothly,
but every-so-often it gets stuck in a groove 
and the gramophone's needle has a hard time passing by.

The grooves quickly turn into a vast, dark abyss 
that swallows me whole, 
consuming my being.

Everything I love,
activities I enjoy.
My loved ones,
everything in sight
is turned dull and lifeless
right before my eyes.

All the joy and happiness associated fades into mist,
that rises to the mouth of the groove.
Just barely reaching the top.

The only way to make it out 
is to climb the groove and hope that you can make it out.
It can take days, weeks, even months.

Just to keep playing the same record,
moving along smoothly until the groove comes around again.
Again falling back in, 
hoping I can make it out alive.

I am forever trapped in an endless, vicious cycle.

© 2015 watch_the_world

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I'm quite deep into my anxiety now, and reading this made me think things through. Yes, I can quite agree about vinyl record metaphor for depression. I know the feeling of not knowing when I will come out of this dark abyss. This is beautifully written. I can feel your words cutting right through me.
Thank you for sharing this. I know you can get through whatever you're experiencing right now. (I hope I will, too.)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Old things and ways are nice. Not a bad place to be.
"Just to keep playing the same record,
moving along smoothly until the groove comes around again.
Again falling back in,
hoping I can make it out alive."
I'm old-school. I like the old things and way. New, doesn't always mean better. I liked the poem. Left something for the reader to think about.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on November 10, 2015
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Hi my name is Rhylen. A lot of my writing is from when I was really young (like 14) aha so SORRY IF IT SUCKS :) more..


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