Watefall 1

Watefall 1

A Story by Killer

It's mainly about me and my friends and when we were little I think its a really bad one


Chaper 1

I was walking towards the leaf village.I just got back form a mission."Hey,Audo,Hey,Rick."I said."W-w-waterfall?!?!"They said in unison."The one and only."I said.Then,I walked away.I was walking towards Lady Tsunades office.I open the door to find max and sasuke."Hey,guys Whats up?"I asked.Then,Max slowly turned around.Her eyes widen in surprise to find me back."M-max?"I asked a bit scared."YOUR BACK,WATERFALL WHERE WERE YOU!!??"Max asked/yelled."I was on a mission to find the Akaskia's hideout."I said happily.

              "Did you sucessed?"Lady Tsunade asked."Yes,I did."I said."Where is it?"Tsunade asked in an uneasy tone."Just behide the Sound village 2 miles back."I said as if I won an award.Sasuke stared at me with a smick on his face."Wipe that smick off your face before I do it for you."I said strongly just before pulling out my gun.He just started claping his hands."Well done,Ready for your fight?"Sasuke asked.I all most forgot I promiss sasuke that I would fight him."Your on"I said."No I won't let you."Max said."A promiss is a promiss  Max."Was all I could say."Let's go,Waterfall."Sasuke said in a ready tone."Rules?"I asked."None"Sasuke said.No rules Easy injure I thought.Then suddenly,Naruto and rain walked in.

                          "h-hey,guys"I said.Naruto walked up to me and looked up and down."Waterfall,What size are you?"Naruto asked."In shrits?"I asked hoping he would not say bra."No,I ment bra."Naruto said cousily.I'm not telling you not even my sister knows."I stated."Yeah,I was just seeing if you were truely waterfall."Naruto said."Okay,Sasuke let's go"I said.Then,I started heading for the door.When someone graded my wirst.Then,I pulled out my gun and turned to see who it was.It was max."Let go"I said

© 2010 Killer

Author's Note

Plz,Tell me what you think I work on this for awhile.

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There are gramatical errors but other than that its a pretty cool story so far.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on January 12, 2010
Last Updated on February 14, 2010
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