Inside this house

Inside this house

A Chapter by Killer

 I  crawled back really fast. Who is this guy? That smile! It can't be real! I stared deeply into his red orange eyes. He seemed to be checking me. As I was him. His raven black hair , cut so one side was longer than the other. A detailed face, that seemed perfect. His skin flawless, and pale. He wore a Butler suit with a nice pocket watch. "A-are y-y-you the o-owner of this house?" My voice was trembling and nervous like I get around anybody new to me. 
"No, My master is in the other room." His voice it didn't even have a hint of nervousness or sacredly."But who are you and what are you running from?"
"I-I'm Emily Adams." I debating on telling him. "I was... Chased by Grell the shinigami." I gave in , of course ,so weak-willed.He seemed to glare out the window into the nothingness. Curious I though, Very Curious. "And you,sir, who are you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "I'm Sebastian Michaelis, head butler of this manor. " He smiled,yet again. "Well, Since your here I'll show you to your new room." I stared at him blankly , was he serious. I jumped into his house he doesn't even know me and hes letting me stay?!"Not for free, of course."
"Of course." I quickly agreed . I must have seemed eager, because he gave me a thrilled smile. Sebastian offered his gloved hand to me; I took it without even thinking. He was quite strong  he pulled me up so fast I barly knew I was sitting a few seconds ago. This is when I finally noticed this was a library . Shelves as high as the ceiling, With rows and rows of books new to old , A wooden desk in the middle , it was a dark cherry wood; papers laid out carelessly on it. A small table with chess pieces on it. It looked like the black king  was winning. This room amazed me ,still. So still but beautifully. He looked back as he was at the doorway.
"Are you coming , or not?"Sebastian said, curiously. 
"I-i am!" I answered. Running to catch up to him. "I-i am v-very sorry...."
"For what?" His voice cool and Innocent .
"For my rudeness..." I said sheeply. I began to examine the hallway ,even though it was really dark, it was long with painted walls in what looked like a navy blue.
"Its alright. You were scared ,I understand." His voice snapped me back to pay attention to him.
"No I am very sorry I entered your house without your knowledge." I apologized. Then I ran into his back , causing me to back up a little.
"Your new room. And.." He turned around and bent down leaning in just to my ear.Whispering."I did know." That sent chills up my spine, for all the wrong reasons."Good Night ,I will get you in the morning." He stood up , and walked away swiftly. Leaving me standing there in front of a door  into a room I had no idea what was in. But stupidly I waved and walked in.                                                                                                                           It was like me to a point it was scary. It had long narrow windows, with purple vevlet curtains. A  large bed in the center of the room ;it was blue and black with oak wood.. A big blue comforter with black sheets underneath. A dresser made from cherry wood, 7 droors and a vanity. There on the vanity sat a vase with a blue rose in it. It was stunning. But what was really creepy was the painting center with paper. I could draw again. All of sudden a shock wave of pain  filled my body with the ut most regret .I fell back on to the bed , and fell into a deep sleep, with the nightmare of my sister.

© 2012 Killer

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Added on February 22, 2012
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