Working with Bardroy

Working with Bardroy

A Chapter by Killer

Emily's P.O.V
I was awoken by Sebastian. A few seconds of seeing his face , I realized I had pinned him to my bed and had been a few inches away from his neck. As if to bite him, or whisper something. "AH! I'm so sorry !!" I blurted out , quickly getting off of him. I noticed that his body was lean and limber; I also noticed that I piratically threw myself across the room to get away from him. He sat up rather quickly, and rushed over to me.
"Are you okay?" Sebastian's smooth voice took over. I nodded faintly , and smiled weakly . He has to be a demon, no one in this world is that beautifully. "Well, Your going to be working with Our chef today and tomorrow with next finny and so on. You will meet Bardroy in a few minutes after you get changed into that." He pointed over to the red wood dresser. Laying on it was a black skirt that probably was half-way up my thigh, and a white chef shirt. "Now, Get dressed quickly . I'll be outside your door waiting." Sebastian then walked off to the door and closed it shut.
I looked down at my black dress. All ripped up and toren, I'm surprised it hasn't fallen off yet. Aren't you? A memory of the face of Grell touched me ,yet again. But I pushed it aside for now. I got work to do and It shouldn't be clouded with him. I slipped off the dress , and put on the skirt and shirt. I looked in the mirror not to bad , not to bad at all. I ran for my door , and Sebastian opened it for me , and lead me out.
"This way to the kitchen." He lead me so easily , offering me to go first every time. A gentlemen, true gentlemen, or this a butler. We made it to the kitchen very quickly It shocked me. In mere minutes we were in front of the door. I was nervous , to meet the chef. What Sebastian said about him wasn't really clear , more odd. But What will be will be. I slightly cracked open the door to peek in and find , a American blond whipping up something. He looked tough. But Sebastian blew my cover by opening the door all the way!
"Oi! Sebastian, I'm making stew for tonight.... " He shouted, then he must of noticed me. "Who's that?" That American ascent was thick ,and sweet.
"That's Emily , She'll be working with you today." Sebastian pushed me toward Bardroy. I put out a hand , and looked down. He wiped his hands on his apron. And Shook mine. A firm handshake.
"Hi." I spoke weakly. "I-its a pleasure." I could tell he blushed.
"Its nice to meet you .I'm Bardroy. " His eyes ran away from mine. "Its time to get to work I'm guessing." I turned around to say goodbye to Sebastian but he was already gone. I pulled on an apron.
"Yup, Lets." I began ,without being told,to cut the potatoes. Bardroy moved around the BIG Kitchen. Rapidly chopping here. Stirring the stew there. Side-talking there. I was amazed by his multitasking. I only know one other person who can multitask like that. And that's Carter.....

© 2012 Killer

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Added on February 29, 2012
Last Updated on February 29, 2012