A welcome Kiss

A welcome Kiss

A Chapter by Killer

Carters P.O.V

Carter's P.O.V.

I stared off into the distance Emily ran.I couldn't bare to see Emily leave; I mean we've been together forever. I also had half a mind to follow her. But I had to go the other way if we both were to live.  So I ran the other direction. My short blond hair  got caught by the wind. I heard the evil laugh, but yet it was singing. That man.... Grell. My blue eyes focused on the walk ahead of me. I wonder to myself. About him and my sister. Would she be alright? Would I? What did he want? Only Emily knew that.... I walked faster as a cold wind came by. I made me shiver. The laugh came closer . I could make out clearly that he said" You can't hide~" That was it , I ran so fast in mere minutes I slammed my face head first into a tree.Thick,hard oak.
"Ow..."I whimpered. I'm only fourteen how could I ever do this?No, I can't think must keep running. My dark blue eyes lifted off the ground a tiny bit and I say a boy.
His pale angler face in the shape of a heart. His light blond hair in curls almost. His dark green vest, underneath a white button-up, also with a purple coat that went past his knees.But what struck me the most was his ice blue eyes.So pretty and sweet."Who are you ?"His voice sweet yet harsh.
"Well,I don't think you need to know." I snapped. Man, I really wish I didn't.But quickly called it back."Its Carter Adams."
He studied me carefully."I'm Alois Trancy." He smiled, it was wicked and odd. He leaned down and lifted my chin up a little."Mind If I?" I shook my head slowly. He smirked. He kissed me. So soft and gentle. Almost like a girl?!?! That thought screamed in my head but yet I didn't pull away. I closed my eyes and enjoyed.
Alois pulled back, with a big smirk on his face."Claude~ We have a new guest." Alois smiled and pulled me up. His hands were so cold.But then a flash.
I saw a tall man, like very tall. His hair pitch black and his eyes a cat like yellow. His wore a tailored butler suit and a pair of narrow glasses.His face emotionless and unhappy. Claude, that's a weird name."Yes,my master." His voice was serious and straight unlike Alois's. It made me feel tiny and afraid.But, I didn't show it.
"Claude, Take us home." Alois gave me a very uncomfortable look. But next thing you know I'm in Claude's left arm and Alois on the right. I didn't notice but we were there in less than a minute. How can a butler be like that? Hows he so fast? Questions rushed in my mind, little did I know i was asleep.

© 2012 Killer

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Added on March 2, 2012
Last Updated on March 2, 2012