A new day , working with Sebastian.

A new day , working with Sebastian.

A Chapter by Killer

Emily's P.O.V.

I was walking into a forest. Deep,thick woods. I wore a white dress. My brown dark curly hair all out. My mind in a deep fog. As I walked over to the edge of a lake. The lake was glistening . I knew this lake , this lake is where my mother took me to help clear my mind. She was always sweet and gentle. I bent over to  look  at the white sand. I know the name of this lake too. Ly Lake. There in the fog of my mind was lifted. I relaxed into this sense, as I sat down and sighed. Someone sat beside me, I was careful not to look as if he or she would burn me. "Tis quite lovely out here."I could tell it was a boys voice. Weak and fragile but it held its ground. "Yes, It is quite lovely."  I agreed , only to look at the person. A boy about Carter's age. But a more serious and curious aura. It baffled me. 
                                                                                                                His hair black with bits of navy;choppy and soft , so that it laid perfectly on his face. His skin pale it was glistening under the moonlight. His face heart shaped. His right eye a deep blue , I mean , dark it stared into your soul. The other one was rather curious. Purple with the star in the center . Quite curious. He wore a blue coat and blue shorts; With a pair of tall boots."Your odd ,you know?" He stated, so bluntly."I'm so sorry, I was looking into your eyes." Why did I have to say something so stupid.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                "Really, my eyes? You most know that was butler's a.."
                                                                      I felt someone shaking me. I grabbed the body and jumped onto it. "Who dares?" My voice was the same annoyed voice. Every morning. "Emily..." It was a hot voice."Wake up its me ..Sebastian." I opened my eyes and realized I was hugging a topless Sebastian. "Yes?" I still held onto him. 
                                            "You will be helping me today ." He smiled in pride. I nodded, and looked at the door. Hinting him to go out so i could get changed. He did as I hinted. "I'm be back." He seem to sing that. I looked at my clothes for today and It was... I ran over to my dresser. A long black dress with a red pattern of hearts. One side of the dress the dress was pinned up to mid-thigh. It didn't bother me. I slipped it on with ease, as I opened the door to find Sebastian standing there , in his suit. I smiled, and he smiled . He lead me out door the hallway a little bit, to a room.
"Stay out here." He warned."I'm getting the young master ready." I nodded , and waited.Next thing I heard was the little boys voice.
"Sebastian." That scared me. A chill ran up and down my spine , untill I gave up. I knocked on the door "Sebastian , D-do you need help?" I stuttered. "Yes, Emily you may come in." I stepped in slowly . I wonder if it is the boy. I looked to see Sebastian's smiling face, and..... THE BOY!!! "Emily, This is my lord. Ciel Phantomhive." I was stunned ,I couldn't even move. My face emotionless and hard.
"Sebastian, Who is this girl?" Ciel asked.
"A new worker , for you ,my lord." Sebastian anwsered.
"Emily, whats your last name?" Ciel took a step closer to me.
"Adams." I whispered as if it was a secret . A bad one at that.
"I see. Serve me my tea, Emily." He ordered. I did it in one swift movement. Handing him his hot earl grey tea."I see. Do you think?"
"I do my lord."
"Emily, Do your work with sebastian while I go think."

© 2012 Killer

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