The farm of horror

The farm of horror

A Story by wayne1234

horror story

 The red sky set and the ant creatures rise  and walk around the  city of horror whilst we  hide in a corner of the cage with loud bangs echoing in the dark city.  The golden goddess wakes us up with a plan from the horses to escape while the white tiger strolls in pace.

We sit and keep watch while the horses  try and force the cage door open with force but to no avail they fail .  After a short few minutes they start to get tired  and fall  to the cage floor in a heap of surrender.

The white tiger suddenly  sees a small  trap door on the floor and pulls it open with extreme tiger  power using  its  strong claws. We run quickly down the trap door and into a dark pit of nothing  while the ant creatures  march around the cold city in droves.

We quickly follow the golden goddess down another dark passage towards a bright yellow light in the distance to  another trap door above our brave heads.  The white tiger uses its super powers to open it and we emerge into this big flower  field  of  red grass and  purple sky. 

The golden goddess tells us to run quick fearing we have entered another evil  world of creatures while we look in despair. After running across this great field we notice other strange  animal creatures  in the distance and a large  black  building across the purple sky .

We quickly run towards the building  only to be faced by  the horses of evil laughing and  glaring at our scared minds of torture.  At that moment a large masked man appears from nothing and watches us with his deep blue and orange eyes  staring a hole into our defeated minds. 

All of a sudden other farm creatures appear from dark shadows  and stand in front of us ready to attack our frozen stiff  bodies.  We are taken to another big red cage spikes  by the evil beast farmer  while the mad cow creature  and  zombie sheep stare. 

We all sit and wonder what  awaits our weary bodies while  being watched  by the evil red eyed horses of horror.
We sit and watch from the cold dark cage of horror while the  mad cow creatures line up along the purple grass while the  other creatures  stare with hatred in their hearts.  The golden goddess tells to be very quiet while the creatures walk slowly towards  a large area of open land.

All of a sudden the mad cow creatures  walk away from the other
monsters and line up along a big open field of blue flowers.  We are taken from our cage by the horses of evil and placed towards the side of the open field  staring at the mad cows  blue body's.

We watch with open mouths when the master of evil comes out and waves his big black stick in the cold purple sky shouting and chanting strange  voices.  At that moment the  clouds turn a big thick  purple and thunder bangs through the cold air.

The other creatures  quickly  stand round the mad cows while  red rain pours down on or sacred bodies of torture. The golden goddess tells us stay very still while the blue cows enter the big open field and stand ready for evil

The red rain suddenly stops and the  evil horses march out  a number of people from a far corner of the farm shaking and  passing out  in terror. We watch with intense hatred on our scared minds while the horses offer theses people to the mad cows of evil.   

At that moment the people make a run to escape  and captured by the evil cows with their blood red teeth glowing in the dark purple sky. We look on in horror wihle the cows rip the heads off the screaming souls  and tear into the thin  skin with ease  before  throwing the remains in the middle of the field.

The zombie  sheep then devour  the left over body parts before parting towards another field.  We are taken back to our cages screaming in horror while  the master of horror cleans up the blood before retreating to his  house of evil. 
We sit in the cold cage of horror while the  purple sky turns a deep black and the  clouds open with red lights flashing down upon us.  The sound of screaming comes from the  master of horrors house  and the  creatures  jump about on the gates of evil. 

The horses mange to  force one of the cage doors slightly open while the white tiger powers manages  to break it open.  We quickly run towards the black farmhouse and hide in the  red open sheds outside while the master of horror paces round looking with his big red evil eyes of torture.

After a few moments the animal creatures return to the fields of horror while figures appear from the great red sky coming down towards us.
The golden goddess notices the figures are large yellow  winged birds with metal teeth and  large golden claws of  nails. 

We hide under a big  purple haystack while the  bird creatures circle above the red huts hissing and watching with their big grey evil eyes of terror. The golden goddess tells us to keep very quiet and the birds fly off into the red sunset of the evil sky. 

The golden goddess leads us out from the red hut towards the masters house with its blacked out windows and doors of steel on the outside. We suddenly hear loud screams inside  and  notice a hole towards the corner of a room.

We quickly dash through hole and into a big  large room of purple walls with a big golden fire  on the side of the wall.  The horses notice another room where the screams are coming from and creep towards it  for a better look. 

One of the horses looks with open eyes of  torture seeing four people chained  on theses black beds of torture.  The horses call us over to look while the master of horror holds a large red axe over its  shaking victim. 

The axe swings and  cuts the poor mans body to bits  making blood  flow everywhere while the creature laughs  with an evil gin. The man clothing is thrown into a red  hot fire burning bight with smoke of hate

  The master  stand over a woman on the black table of horror shaking in terror with her blue eyes open wide.  We watch with hatred when the creature  starts to strip the poor woman to her black  bra and pants  before chopping her head of  while she is  screaming in terror.

The golden goddess tells us to run  and we dash towards the  black door trying to escape.  At that moment the master of horror sees us and smiles pointing his crocked finger at our shaking bodies while trying to escape.

The master of horror looks at us with his deep red eyes making us feeling  controlled and drained in the farm of terror. The light suddenly go dark  and we go into a deep sleep while he laughs in a crazed  voice. 

After a few hours we suddenly wake  up  feeling trapped in a strange
red room of horror. The golden goddess looks around and notices we are being restrained on big wooden tables of terror. 

All of a sudden the master of horror enters the room  and looks at our helpless bodies laid across the red wooden tables of torture. I try and calm lutient  megs down but she screams in hate while the master makes his way towards her  jerking body.

We sit and tremble when the creature leans over her  body of torture  touching her  clothing with its big long cold  black  nails.  The goddess makes a hated gesture towards the monster but it looks around at us with its big red glowing eyes  whilst touching its deep blue scar across its  mauled face.

The horses look on in anger while the master strips a shaking megs to her blue bra and pants.  We try and break free from the monsters grip but suffer the sames face by the creatures leaving us in our underwear  wondering what our fate will be. 

After a short few minutes the monster  walks slowly out of the room leaving us trapped in the dark scared and crying.  We shout over to each other  trying to clarify where we are but a strange light suddenly  shines out from a corner of the room.

We suddenly see figures dancing around the red tables  moving across our captured bodies  and screaming loud  noises and moving things about.  The figures suddenly  come up towards of terrified faces  and stare into our wide open eyes. 

The golden goddess shout out they are the  skeletons of sin and have come to torture us while the master sleeps.  We all start screaming trying to push the tables over whilst the skeletons wave their  big grey bones across our terrified eyes.

I look towards the golden  goddess  and she tells us to relax and close our eyes because the skeletons cannot hurt us whilst we re trapped in these tables.  The goddess says we are safe until we leave the tables then the skeletons will catch us and take us down into  the dark pit of horror below the cottage. 

After  about two hours the  master of horror returns holding a big axe in its claw like hand. We try to break free from the  table of horror while the creature walks towards us holding the sharp axe towards the  grey light of terror.

The golden goddess tells us to stay still but the  horses mange to get free and knock the creature to one side  of the black corner.  We tremble in terror while the horses free us all wondering what fate awaits us. 

At that moment  the master of horror gets up from the dark floor and smiles at our  battling bodies of hope with a sick  and sinister mumble. We quickly dash towards the blue door but get stuck to the spot unable to move at all. 

We watch in horror at strange shapes appearing from the dark corner  and moving quickly towards us. The figures become more  evil  and start to form into strange creatures or something while the horses struggle to free us.

All  of a sudden the creatures become demons  and watch us with their big red sparkling eyes. The room starts to suddenly turn  and a big hole appears in the corner of the dark corner  while we scream and fight to escape towards the door. 

The demons suddenly start to  fly down the hole of darkness  while the master of  horror points towards us hissing with evil comments  of hate.  At that moment the skeletons appear  and grab our  terrified bodies dragging us all inside the dark hole and into some  sort of abyss.

The master of darkness  throws itself towards the door and stands watching while the darkness goes and a normal room appears.  We find ourselves being dragged along a dark  underground alleyway  and towards a big dark room of bricks  by the evil skeletons.

We are the left abandoned in this room under a underground maze of tunnels wondering  how to escape and return to the cottage of hate.

written by wayne mockler 
ownership and copyright wayne mockler 

© 2019 wayne1234

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Added on November 26, 2019
Last Updated on November 26, 2019
Tags: horror



teesside, teesside, United Kingdom

name is wayne and love wrting more..