horror of the mist creatures

horror of the mist creatures

A Story by wayne1234


The masked demon of horror looks at us and starts to laugh while it chases  the creatures of hell  back towards the  holes of horror.  The golden goddess walks  slowly towards the demon and waves her magic stick towards the demons red mask making it glow in terror .

We look in horror while the monster suddenly takes off the mask to reveal a bloody face of  torture  with cuts from its  worn  head towards  the slit  mouth.  The goddess tells us to stand back  while she holds the magic stick towards its evil face with honour .

At that  moment a flash of lights suddenly  cover the cave walls  blinding  us for a few minutes while the goddess is thrown back with a punch into  the dark walls. The light suddenly goes  dim with  the demon walking  towards us with  red eyes flashing across the cave walls.

The golden goddess  gets up to her weary  feet  and drags herself  away from the  advancing creature.  We all  stagger back into a cluster of rocks  while the demon thrusts its studded whip into the cold  dark air.

We hide under the rocks while the horses start the force field of protection for our safety  Me and luitent megs are being  cradled lovingly  by the white tigers  paws of affection while the beast comes ever closer.

The  demons whip  suddenly cracks  into the  strange cold bricks making the cave  shudder and shake in horror. We suddenly spot another door in the cave and run towards it down a dark passage.

We  get towards the  big  black door  and look at  the red chains across its thick surface while the monster runs at us  with blood  pouring from its evil mouth. The white tiger grabs hold of the stiff red chains and pulls them apart before  pushing the door down with one hard kick.

The horses quickly  push the door back up to keep  the beast at bay 
until  we have entered it locking it tight in the deep  falling rocks.  We sit alone  in this cold  cave filled with  green rock  and  a golden table wondering what  creatures await our pleasure.

After a few short minutes the demon knocks  on the red door  and laughs with evil upon its lurking voice.  We look  closely at the strange green rooks around the cave structure  until a white mist  appears and forms  the shape of a large dragon  with big glowing purple eyes.

The mist monster suddenly strikes out  its  misty arm and sets a  circle of fire around us all  keeping us prisoners in this evil cave of torture .
We stand in the green jewel cave of horror while the mist monster hangs over  trying to blow us towards the fire.  The horses stand close to us while the goddess try's to blow the fire out with her magic stick. 

The mist monster suddenly turns back on us and  disappears towards a dark hole in the corner.  We stand and swelter in intense heat of the fire whilst the  whit tiger looks for a means of escape. 
At that moment the fire suddenly stops  and  the cave becomes very cold while the  green rocks start to sparkle across the cave floor. 

The golden goddess  spots a bright light shining from the  dark part of cave  and goes to investigate it.  All of a sudden the  mist monster entres the cave and floats about on the sparking roof above.

We stagger back while the creature suddenly changes its form and becomes a solid dragon creature with  a mans head and long red horns.  The creature looks at us with  intense evil  while smoke pours out from its  big orange nose. 

The golden goddess  tells us to stand back while the  thrusts her magic stick towards the  evil monster bit it get knocked away with a swipe of the creatures  long claws.

We all run towards a  dark corner of the cave and hide next to a glowing rock of green  The horses turn on their magic force field while the rock suddenly becomes alive and turns into a bit dinasaur  of horror watching us with  big black eyes of horror.

The horses  get the lasers ready while we stand rooted to the spot  being chased by the evil red  dragon  and large green monster.  We all wonder what will happen next while the creatures beat down on our force field  with  intense hatred across their preying mouths
The horses notice a small hole in the corner of the cave and we push ourselves towards  it tired and sweating while the creatures send a barrage of fire  into our battered force field.

We push inside the small opening while the goddess fires her stick at the glowing creatures of hate.  The opening is very small and we clamber into a dark strange land of black. 

After entering this strange new world  we notice  strange sounds echo around us  while  shadows  start to form across the cold damp air.  The screams of terror start to flow faster  through this strange land  while the monsters get more closer towards us with the sound of thunder runs in the dark .

The golden goddess tells us to keep walking  through the dark  while
the dragon and dinasuar  come into our view .  At that moment we suddenly hear a long  cold blooded  scream while the monsters disappear in the darkness. The cut up  body parts of the dragon  and dinasur are thrown in front of our pathway covered in blood with their mouths missing. 

We continue  to walk through the dark strange  land shaking in terror  while  blood flows along the dark landscape.  After walking for miles in this strange  derelict land we notice a light in the distance.

The golden goddess tells us to stop while the light becomes clearer and a  bright  green sky comes up in the distance.  The horses soon begin to notice a strange mist in the distance and loud banging sounds of evil.

We suddenly stop in the big  cold land while the green sky starts to  set above our cold bodies of  torture. The horses set up the force field while the mist starts to form along our  frozen torsos. 

All of a sudden the mist starts to form into figures of hate and we quickly  run away down the black  soil of horror until  the green sky becomes brighter in the blue sun.

We suddenly start to see animals  of hate  running towards us with their fangs hanging from their  twisted  mouths.  The golden goddess sees a small building in the distance and pushes towards it while the animals of hate bite at our force field. 

The golden goddess pulls us  into this strange ranch and locks the door while the animals start to jump at the  windows  with their  fangs clutching the glass.  I hold onto luitent megs while the goddess puts a magic spell around all the windows and doors for protection. 

We all sit in the dark ranch of horror  while the white tiger and horses patrol the widows looking for the evil animals.  All of a sudden we suddenly hear a loud bang on the door  and the sound of  a man voice.

The goddess looks outside the window and see a zombie creature standing with two black dogs  their fangs forming in blood  and big long claws grasping the cold dark air.  The zombie man suddenly point towards the ranch and stares at us with its big red eyes of horror.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

© 2019 wayne1234

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Well I Like it the way everything is worded is coherent it was a straight line to what's happening. The issue is that I honestly cannot understand who this beast is and the exact the words being used to describe it aren't exactly helpful. There are some minor grammatical issues. It does a good job on making me question what's happening and why are they in this cave so that's good but there could be more done with this "we" being used is it a group of people, a couple of people, or just two

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Added on November 28, 2019
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teesside, teesside, United Kingdom

name is wayne and love wrting more..