Words unspoken

Words unspoken

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Okay made a little change the dance is going to be a halloween dance,


He then all of a sudden felt his “friend” pushing against his jeans causing him to groan “I need to find out what is wrong with me” lying his head back down on his computer desk “Maybe I should go see him” he thought. He was about to leave the drive way when he saw his father car stopped in there drive way and turn off he could see three figures leave the car the one in the middle was his dad and he just guess that the other two were females “Dad you’re a sick SoB” Noah thought as he headed to Justin house. It took him about fives minutes to get to Justin house, he got to the door and gently knocked and about ten seconds later Luna opened the door and her eyes was aiming daggers at the young jock


            “What do you want” said with complete venom in her voice


            “Think it is possible I can come in” Noah asked like a dork


Luna was about to give an answer when Justin mother she was about 5’6, had a peal white smile, she had skin that Rose would kill for, appeared “I see were Justin’s gets his looks from” Noah thought


            “Oh are you another one of Justin friends” she asked with a huge smile on her face


            “Yeah I am his escort at school” lying thought his teeth and that statement cause Luna to stare at him with sword coming from her eyes


            “Oh how nice please come in everyone is in the living room playing games” she replied opening the door so Noah could come in she took him to the living room where everyone was sitting on the middle of the floor there was popcorn and a few cans of soda pop


            “Okay your turn Justin truth or secret” Robbie asked taking in a hand full of popcorn


            “Tr…” but when he say Luna, his mother and Noah walk into the living he stopped


            “Found another one of your friends” his mother said then Luna sat down right next to Justin while Noah felt like he was public enemy number one right now


            “What game are you guys playing” he asked trying to remove the tense in the air


            “Truth or Secret” Ashley said taking a sip of soda avoiding eye contact


            “And Justin was about to make his choice” Robbie said staring back at him


Then everyone was staring at him even his own mother it cause his face to go pure red


            “I pick truth” even sounding embarrassed


            “It is true this is your first year in public high school?” Robbie asked with a grin on his face 


            “Yeah this is my first year in public high school I’ve been home schooled” getting a handful of popcorn


            After playing truth or secret everyone seem to have relax knowing that Noah was there, they learn different thing about each other like Luna had lesbian parents, Robbie admitted to liking Justin which kind of hurt Noah in a away, Ashley hair was real and Adran was in a serious relationship with a quarterback from another school. Then they got onto the topic of the Halloween dance


            “I think I might be a teen witch” Luna said drinking some soda which got a chuckle from everyone


            “I am going to be a cow girl” Ashley said next which


            “Don’t think I am going” Adrian said lying down then he felt someone gab him in the side then he quickly looked at Luna who was acting like nothing happened


            “I don’t know what I am going to be” Robbie replied stealing glance at Justin


            “I have a costume in mind” Justin said looking away trying to hide his red face


            “I hear a but at the end what’s wrong” Luna asked staring at Justin like an older sister would to their young brother


            “Might be better if I show you” Justin said looking down then motioning them to follow him, they all went upstairs to Justin room, when they got into his room it was sadly how they thought it would be plain and simple


            “You guys wait there while I get it on” Justin shouted from his closet


They all formed a small circle on his floor waiting for him to come out when all of a sudden they heard the closet door opens and what they saw cause their jaws to drop and almost cause Noah to have a nose bleed what they saw was Justin dresses up as an angel, he had medium size angle wing on his back, a halo on top of his head, the gown fit his thin body just fine


            “What it is bad” he asked afraid of his friends response, it was Robbie who broke the silence


            “Dude you look hot” then everyone started saying wonderful things about his costume


            “You are going to be a knock out at the party” Luna said still amazed at how he looks, Noah did not know what to say but he did agree with Robbie he did look hot he was about to speak when they heard Justin mom shouting from the bottom of the stairs causing everyone to get up and get there stuff


            “Okay everyone time to leave it is a school night” “gently” pushing everyone out the house leaving only Noah and Justin in his room. The silence was so thick you could feel a whole army with it


            “Are you okay I heard you fainted at the assembly today” Noah asking rubbing his arm


            “Yeah I am fine” Justin replied quickly from behind the closet door


They both had so many questions to ask but they were too afraid to ask them


            “See you in school tomorrow” Noah said as walking out of the room


            “Bye” Justin muttered


He went to his bed to land face down on his pillow and started crying his eyes out

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
please comment, review, also sorry for being short life and school is keeping me busy i promise the next one will be long

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Added on October 23, 2012
Last Updated on February 22, 2013
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Jonathan Biswell
Jonathan Biswell

Shepherdville , KY

A novice writer who still has a lot of work to do, I do write guy x guy, yoai, boy love story whatever you want to call it, but I do keep it descent but I will write little teaser in there. I know my .. more..

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