Lost love

Lost love

A Story by Jonathan Biswell

Read it and find out


            “Thank you for listening to new song” a voice echo due to a microphone


There was a sudden roar of a crowd of people the voice belongs to Max the singer for the club the moment he got off the stage he was crowned by a swarm of people then all of a sudden his arm was taken a girl with pure blonde hair, she was wearing a skin tight shirt with a broken heart on it which revealed her fake tan, she was wearing skin tight pants and high heels shoes.


            “Max you killed it tonight” she called out leading them over to a booth while waving down a waiter


            “Yeah I was pretty awesome tonight wasn’t I” leaning over planting a kiss on her cheek


            “Order me a diet coke please I got to use the restroom” as she was getting out of the booth making a bee line to the restroom


The waiter came over to the table


            “What can I get you tonight” he asked in an innocent voice


            “One diet coke, one water please” not even bothering to look at the waiter


            “Okay I will be right back” the waiter said then went over to the bar


“Hmmm that voice…it sound familiar” he turn to try to find that waiter again but no luck then he felt someone sit right next to him


            “Did you miss me” she asked as she sat down


            “You know it babe” as he placed his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to his which cause her to gasp a little then leaning her head against his chest


            “Here you go one diet coke and one water” the waiter said with a tray in his hands


He looked at the waiter he was wearing a black shirt that said “Look but don’t touch”, skin tight pants that showed off his thin legs, his black with blonde streaks hair was in a high pony tail, he had both his ear pierced with a crescent moon earring, his eyes looked like uncut emerald, his skin looked smooth as silk, he was about 5’5- 5’6


            “Thanks” winking at the waiter


Not a moment after he did that he all of a suddenly became very wet and his girlfriend kind of screamed and notice the waiter face it was red with anger but his emerald eyes told a different story betray, heartache, and pain


            “YOU MOTHER F*****G A*S HOLE HOW DARE YOU HIT ON ME AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO ME” the waiter yelled at the top of his lungs then placing the tray in front of them one of the glasses was empty while the other had still had diet coke then high tailing it


            “Umm Max do you know him” sounding a little scared


He just shrugged then went to the backroom to change his now wet cloths. The waiter went to the employees break room sat down on the bench and started breathing heavily and placed his hand on his wrist then all of a sudden he felt someone arm around his shoulder he quickly turn around to see it was his twin Leon he was a little taller, he had a medium build, he was wearing a bouncer jacket, he had on simple blue jeans and shoes, his hair was short brunet hair.  


            “I saw what happened” he whispered into his younger twin ear trying to comfort him


            ‘The a*s whole did not even remember me” crying into his older twins chest Leon just held him tighter he quickly notice his younger twin had his hand over his wrist


            ‘Tyler…I have to give you props for dumping water on him I know that a*s deserve more I would have dumped the diet coke more sticky and harder to clean up” which cause both of them to laugh a little 


            “There you go sadness does not suite you” Leon stated trying to change Tyler mood quickly


            ‘Thanks” giving his older twin a hug


            “Don’t worry I will let the staff know what’s up”


Tyler just smiled bigger for getting some form of revenge on the guy who broke his heart they both went back to their jobs, Tyler was able to switch tables with another waiter and Leon saw watching the door while keeping an eye out for Tyler


Max came back wearing a simple grey t shirt; with black shorts he had his wet cloths in a plastic bag


            “Max honey what was that all about” scooting closer to Max


            “Truth be told Amy I really don’t know” looking up at the ceiling


            “You can at least issue a complaint can’t you” she asking with hope in her voice


            “Yeah I can thanks Amy” giving her a kiss on her cheek before heading to the bar


He got the attention of one of the employees she was wearing a shirt that said “Big girls are more fun” she had blonde hair with blue under her hair, she had hazel eyes, she was on the big side but her demeanor said mess with me you die. She slowly walked over to him but not before giving a silence signal to Leon


            “Yes can I help you” she asked while cleaning a glass


            “Yes I like to speak to the manager and issue a complaint about one of your employees”


            “Sorry but he is not in right now and the assistant manager is somewhere else right now” she replied as she was leaving to fill an order with a small smile on her face  


“S**t” he thought then walking back over to his booth


            “The manager is not in nor the assistant manager” he groan sitting back down


            “Damn what rotten luck” Amy said leaning back against Max chest


Then all of a sudden there was a shadow of a person they both looked up to see it was Leon the bouncer


            “Sir can you please come with me” then slowly walking towards the door with Max right behind him they went outside


            “I am going to get straight to the point stay away from Tyler he barely made it through the last time someone broke his heart” staring at Max with daggers in his eyes


            “What do you mean I don’t…” he stopped his sentence because all of a sudden forgotten memory’s came rushing back: he was holding hands with the waiter who dumped water on him, they were cuddling while watching a movie, they were up on the roof looking at the stars, he gave Tyler a simple ring and promised they would stay together forever, he hurt Tyler at the high school prom


Max eyes started watering up at the rush of emotions that were coming back he lost his balance for a moment but manage to catch himself on a trash can


            “What happen after…the incident at prom” he manages to get the words out putting his hand his mouth


            “You deserve to know at least that much he started cutting and he even tried to kill himself tried to slit his wrists” running his hands over his hair


Max became silent after hearing that 


            “Our parents sent to rehab for the rest of his senior year and by then I had moved out they wanted me to watch him for a few weeks I had to hide anything sharp and I had to keep the pills under lock and key” leaning against the building


Again he became speechless he could feel his heart breaking he felt like throwing up


            “He is just now starting to come out of his shell hurt him again and I swear I will make you wish you were never born” sounding serious then walking back into the club


Max stayed outside “I never meant to do that…” then another memory came rushing back Tyler was in the bathroom crying because someone had thrown a football at him Max went into the bathroom to comfort him there he made a scared promise I promise I will never hurt you that cause Max knees weaken causing him to fall down but he placed his hand out to break his fall. And as just if you spited him it started to rain. He slowly got up and started to walk home his feet knew where to take him because his head was still staring at the ground, his mom works two shifts at the local hospital but he know how to cook and everything, he made his way up to his room then he went for his closet.


He found in the back of his closet a small simple shoe box he pulled it out and may his way towards the bed, he open the box it was filled with pictures, letters, a burn cd labeled Our Songs. He removed the cd from the case and quickly went to his stereo and put the cd in, he grab the remote and went back over to his bed and continues to look at the box. He pulled out the letters him and Tyler wrote back in middle school he then sniff the letters “It still smells like him” he gently place the letters aside and pulled out the stack of pictures. The first picture was on their first date a simple picnic at the park then they went back to Tyler house climb on the roof to look at the stars, the next few picture were of them smiling then he came across a picture of them at an animal shelter Tyler was holding a golden retriever puppy with the biggest smile that his face could hold. “How could I have been so stupid” he placed the pictures back into the box gently next then the letters he was about to close the box when something grab his attention it was a simple silver sing but to him it was much more “Prom was where I messed everything up”  he laid his head down on the pillow.


“He was asked to play at his high school prom with free admission he was also able to get Tyler into for free while he was helping getting the prom set up there was a girl flirting with Max by the time prom was set up Max wanted to date her for some reason so after the last song he was going to announce to the entire school he was going to ask her out he had someone forgot about Tyler and the promise ring. After the song had ended he grabs the mic and shouted to the entire school then he heard someone scream he saw Tyler remove the ring and placed it in his pocket then ran out of the gym. The next day he tried to talk to him but he could not find him later he heard a rumor about a month later that he went to rehab for drugs abuse after school he ran over to Tyler house to asked where he was his mom just started crying while the dad comforted her and gave Max a note and around the note was the silver promise ring then they shut the door. He went to the park where they had their first date he slowly remove the ring and open the letter, it only help held five words I Hope You Are Happy”


He then placed the ring on his finger and just stared at it for what seemed like forever then he heard there song Skillet-The Last Night then all of a sudden he knew what he had to do he had to win the love of his life back. For the rest of the night he was practicing a new song he would sing tomorrow.


Tyler was sitting in the dark when all of a sudden the lights came back on and there he saw Leon with a tray of food he placed the food in front of Tyler then sat down on the bed with him


            “I know seeing Max was a shock but you still need to eat” Leon said rubbing Tyler back


He pulled the tray over and slowly started eating


            “I still love him” Tyler whispered


            “I know you do and he still loves you” Leon replied


That causes Tyler head to shoot up and look at his older twin like he grew a second head


            “What how do you know” he asked in a hush tone


            “I told him to stay away from you…and the moment I mention your names all of the memories of you guys came back”


Tyler placed his hand over his wrist and started shacking like crazy


            “Don’t worry Tyler I will protect you” holding his shacking teen closer


            “Come on Tyler I know what you need” Leon said with a weird look on his face


He then dragged Tyler out of the room and straight into the living room he plopped Tyler onto the couch and went over to the TV and went through some movies then he found the one he was looking for he pulled out the case for Ted. He popped it into the DVD player and sat right next to Tyler so the teenager did not try and run away, about ten minutes in they were laughing so hard they fell off the couch which only cause them to laugh even more the rest of the night you could hear them laughing there a*s off. When Tyler woke up he felt good he quickly ran to the kitchen and fixed him a bowl of cereal then he looked at his work schedule and saw he had to work today, he started working at the teen club Midnight about a month ago thanks to some string pulled by his brother. After he finishes eating breakfast he hops into the shower to get ready for today “I hope I don’t run into him again” then took a quick glance at his wrist there were four small cuts then one big one right on his vain he then quickly looked away and went back to his shower


Max spend half of the night trying to learn the lyrics of a song and he did manage to learn the lyrics he then looked at the clock and in bright red numbers it said 9:35 am, “It might take half of the night but I manage to do it” he quickly smelt bo coming off of him he made a bee line to the shower while the warn water was relaxing his muscles he pray to whatever god out there that his plan would work he did not have to be at the club till around 10 which means he has plenty of time to get ready. When he got out of the shower with a towel around his waist he went over to the mirror his dirty blonde hair was down to his ears, he has angel bits, he was about 5’9, he was skinny as a stick he went over to the box and pulled out the stack of pictures he quickly ran through them till he found the one he wanted he placed that picture on his desk and started getting ready to put his plan into action he locked the door behind him.


Tyler got to the club around 6ish they were having trouble getting everything together so they called him in, after setting the last table he went over to the bar and saw his best friend Jasmine there cleaning the last of the glasses


            “Hey Jasmine” Tyler said walking over and sitting down at the bar


            “Hey” she replied putting the last of the glasses away


            “I heard you saw you’re ex yesterday…” she said leading off


Tyler looked down


            “In my humble option you deserve better then are ten times better than any girl or guy on this planet” she said with a huge smile on her face


That cause him to laugh a little knowing she was true about that


            “Thanks girly you always know what to say” with a pure smile on his face then heading to the back room to put on his working cloths he put on a skin tight shirt that had the words Broken and the words were also broken and he was wearing dark blue skin tight jeans


            “Damn If I was your boyfriend I would not let you out of my sight” a voice called out


That cause Tyler to jump and look to see it was Jackson he worked at the club he was 19, he was a few inch taller than Tyler he had sandy blonde hair, he had the same build like his older twin but his muscle were a little bigger he was leaning against wall


            “You are such a flirt Jackson” Tyler replied he then closed his locker


            “My heart belongs only to you’ Jackson said placing a hand over his heart with a big goofy grin on his face Tyler knew he was straight but this was a simple game they played


            “You are hopeless” Tyler said getting ready for the doors to open causing a laugh from Jackson


The club was full in a few short minutes sadly Tyler and the other workers were busy like bees in a beehive, he was so busy he did not even notice that Leon and Max were talking. Tyler notice Max was sitting at the same table as yesterday minus his girlfriend he mustered up his will and walked over to him


            “What can I get you tonight” Tyler asked with no emotion in his voice


Max was about to answer when he notice the cuts on Tyler wrists which cause his heart to jerk knowing that he cause those cuts he notice there were five cuts


            “If you don’t mind me asking…why do you have five cuts” he asked with concern in his voice


Tyler was shock that he even asked that question but he thought he deserve an answer so he took a deep breath


            “Because that is how many dates we went on” looking away from Max gaze


Max did not say anything for a while so breaking the silence and he did notice Jasmine watching them very closely


            “I will have a coke” with sadness covering every word


Tyler wrote down the order and went over to the bar by the time he got to the bar Jasmine looked like she was waiting for him and her face just said spill-everything-that-just-happened


            “What did the a*s want” her mood changed still staring at Max


            “Asked about my scars” handing her the piece of paper


Tyler was quietly waiting for his order to be placed but his mind kept taking him back to that few second conversation he had with his ex ”I know I heard concern in his voice when he asked…maybe he is sorry…no he liked girls and that’s that” trying to regain control of his mind Jasmine gave him the coke and he placed it on the tray, he made his way back over to the table when all of a sudden he say the same girl from yesterday all over Max “I knew it he does not care” he walked over placed the coke down on the table and quickly walked away he did not even notice the extreme sadness in Max eyes nor that he had a moving package right next to him


            “Now the Midnight club would like to present a house favorite Max” an announcer said over the speakers  


Max slowly walk up on the stage he placed the package near his feet then he was looking thought out the sea of people he quickly found Tyler who was at the bar which gave him the confidence he needed to put his plan into action


            ”This song is important to me because it means so much to a certain person here tonight now I’ve hurt this person in the past I made a terrible mistake of letting that person go I hope that after tonight that person will forgive me and become mine again” Max said full of confidence still looking at Tyler


The music started playing


You come to me with scars on your wrist

You tell me this will be the last night

Feeling like this


I just came to say goodbye

Didn't want you to see me cry

I'm fine but I know it's a lie


This is the last night you'll spend alone

Look me in the eyes so I know you know

I'm everywhere you want me to be


Tyler heart stopped and looked right at Max “That’s…our song” he could feel his eyes watering


The last night you'll spend alone

I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go

I'm everything you need me to be


Your parents say everything is your fault

But they don't know you like I know you

They don't know you at all


I'm so sick of when they say

It's just a phase, you'll be okay, you're fine

But I know it's a lie


Max was pouring his heart and soul into his song he notice that Tyler was about to cry “Please Tyler come back to me I still love you”


This is the last night you'll spend alone

Look me in the eyes so I know you know

I'm everywhere you want me to be


The last night you'll spend alone


I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go

I'm everything you need me to be

The last night away from me


Jasmine could see in Max’s deep blue eyes that he truly love Tyler who was on the verge of tears she lean over and whispered something into his ear


The night is so long when everything's wrong

If you give me your hand, I will help you hold on

Tonight, tonight


This is the last night you'll spend alone

Look me in the eyes so I know you know

I'm everywhere you want me to be


The last night you'll spend alone


Leon could also see that he loved Tyler with all of his heart he knew that when they had their little chat and he knew that his younger twin would go back after this even with the surprise that Max has planned


I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go

I'm everything you need me to be


I won't let you say goodbye

And I'll be your reason why

The last night away from me, away from me


After the song ended everyone had tears in their eyes even the manly guys had tears coming out of their eyes. He notice that Jasmine was pulling Tyler up to the stage who was in shock she then quickly left the stage


            “Tyler please come back to me” Max said with a pleading look on his face


Tyler did not say anything he was still in shock that Max sang there song in public


            “Just answer me this one question…why” Tyler said with sadness in his voice


            “I don’t even know myself…guess my brain back then override my heart…but I swear I am listening to my heart…” he was cut off by Tyler finger he then leaned in closer


            “I believe you” he whispered so only he could hear it


Max then remove the silver ring from his finger he grab Tyler hand and placed the ring on his finger


            “I promise you…in front of all these people…that you will be the only one for me” he said with full confidence in his voice


Then all of a sudden they heard a little bark


Tyler had a weird look on his face when he heard that


            “In case the song did not win you over…” Max leading off as he grabs the bag and pulled out golden retriever puppy


That causes Tyler to gasp he gently pet the puppy head




That cause Tyler to break down his face was now covered with tear of happiness then all of a sudden the whole club started cheering in response to that Max pulled Tyler closer and planted a small kiss on his cheek  











© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
I dont own this song i am only useing it for this story all right go to Skillet

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I really liked this story and I love the song too :)

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Anytime :)
Jonathan Biswell

11 Years Ago

feel free to read my other story's

11 Years Ago

I will, thank you :)

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