A Story by Jonathan Biswell

Adam comes home to surprise


The sounds of soft crying filled the air in the corner of the room was the body of a young boy curled into a ball wondering what he did to deserve this


He was walking to his house with a big smile on his face he just came back from spending time with his best friend Kevin and his gang now he was coming home to his boyfriend of six months Jason, they meet in the park near his house Jason just asked for the time then it turn into a full blown conversation sadly when it came time for them to split up Jason asked if he would like to go on a date with him. The date was a simple date they went to a restaurant and BOOM they because boyfriends about three months into the relationship Jason asked if he could move in because his mother had a new boyfriend who she spent most of the time with him. When he got to his house he saw cloths spread all over his living room he started picking up the cloths but once he saw a black bra he started to worry but once he made it to the bedroom door he heard the sounds of moaning and grunting he open the door to see a blond haired girl on top of Jason. The young man swung the door open with a look of pure horror the girl just screamed and tried to cover herself with the blanket while Jason face had no expression on his face just stared at the young man and said


            “It’s over”


Then they both went to get there cloths and just left the young man in shock who made his way to a corner and just stayed there


Kevin started getting a weird nagging feeling about twenty minutes after his friend left which was also affecting his game play him and his gang was playing Call of Duty


            “Dude what’s up your game is better than this” Ryan pointed out as he killed him for the tenth time today


            “No idea I just have this nagging feeling that won’t go away” Kevin said putting down his controller then walking over to his kitchen to get a soda


            “Like nagging good or nagging bad” Tyler wondering pausing the game looking over at his friend


He just closed his eyes for a minute


            “Nagging bad” his voice dropped


            “Anyway dude when are you going to tell him” Ryan said rising an eyebrow while the rest of the gang was lightly laughing


            “I don’t know what you are talking about” looking away while taking a sip of soda


Then all of a sudden that nagging feeling made sense he dropped the can with a face of shock


            “Secret come on” he hollowed


All of a sudden a pure white husky with black spots around his bright blue eyes came out of another room then grabbing his black leather jacket


            “Guys that feeling…something happen to him” that causes everyone to jump from their seats with a worried look in their eyes


            “Do you want us to come” Ryan asked


            “Think that scum of a boyfriend did something to him” Tyler added


That cause the whole room to go silence even Secret was quite 


            “If he did something to him…” Kevin said with a feral grin on his face   


He quickly ran to his friend’s house as fast as he could with Secret right behind him “Please be okay” he kept repeating in his head while running faster it took about ten minutes to get there. He turned the knob to see it was not lock so he let himself in, when he got in he quickly notice the faint smell of cheap perfume with a mixture of sex that raised a red flag in his head then he heard Secret barking from the main bed room when he got in the room he notice the light were off he was about to turn them on when he heard the faint sounds of someone crying he turned around to see his dog cuddling up against someone


            “Adam” he asked slowly


The shadowy figure quickly looked up to see who called his name Kevin turn on the light to get a better look at his secret crush and what he saw broke his heart


Adam face was covered with tear streaks, his hazel eyes were puffy, his low lip was trembling he just looked so broken; Kevin slowly walked over to him and wrapped his arms around the crying teen who then attached himself to Kevin who helped the broken teen on the bed Kevin was wiping the tears away with his thumb


            “Adam…what happened” he asked quietly


That causes Adam to cry even harder right into Kevin chest


            “Jason…cheated” Adam said above a whisper


When Kevin heard that he wanted to call the gang and have them hunting for Jason but a small part of him knew he had to calm down his secret love


            “Hey come on lets go in the living room” Kevin spoke gently the crying teen just nodded


Kevin helped get Adam up and they slowly walked to the living room with Secret slowly walking beside them, as soon as they got to the living room. Kevin gently helped Adam get on the small L shape couch


            “…do you think…maybe” Adam with a semi red face


            “Sure” Kevin smiled


For the longest time when ever Adam would get sad or depressed he would call Kevin day or night have him come over so he can lay on his chest and listen to his heart, Kevin took off his t shirt revealing his extremely cut body really define pecs with a heart shaped tattoo with a ribbon wrapped around it on the inside of the ribbon a date, tree trunk arms and legs, really cut 6 pack. Adam always blushed seeing Kevin define body next Kevin laid down on the couch not a second later the broken teen was on top head right above the tattoo and the heart, the slow beating of Kevin’s heart help calm down the crying teen then he felt a gently hand on the back of his hand slowly going back and forth. Adam eyes went straight to the tattoo


The first time he saw that tattoo was during a heat wave they had two years ago him, Kevin and his gang was hanging a heated game tournament also the ac was not working so everyone but Kevin had there shirt off


            “Hey Kevin why don’t you take your shirt off” Scott shouted then getting elbowed in the ribs by Kevin


            “Because…I am not that hot” in a low tone while glaring dagger at him


            “No…it’s because you don’t want a certain someone to see your tattoo” Jackson with grinning like an idiot causing everyone in the room to snicker


            “You got a tattoo” Adam popping in with a tray of chips and water bottles


That caused Kevin face to deadpan then a faint blush came


            “Um…yeah…it’s nothing special” looking away trying to avoid his gaze


            “Can I see it please” Adam asked with his hazel eyes wide open full of hope


Kevin could not say no to him he took a breath got up and removed his shirt and tossed it in the pile he slowly turned around to face Adam who was blushing and had a confused look on his face


            “What does that date mean?”


            “That was the day that changed my life” Kevin replied with a smile


            “What happened” Adam asked


Kevin just continued smiling walked over and place a simple kiss on Adam forehead and went back to the game leaving Adam stunned for a moment


            “Kevin…” Adam asked quietly


Kevin hummed in response while looking at Adam


            “Do you think you can tell me what change you on the date of your tattoo?”


He knew he would be unable to lie to him or hope to change his mind he knew he would have to come clean so he took a deep breath


            “It was the day I meet you” he muttered


Adam face lit up like a light bulb and looked shocked


            “Adam I know this is asking much after what happen today… but please…go out with me” Kevin admitting staring right into Adams puffy eyes


Unable to think he just nodded his head, Kevin face lit up


            “You have no idea how happy you made me” with a huge smile


Then Kevin arms wrapped around Adam tiny waist  


            “I love you” Kevin whispered then he felt Adam tense up


            “I know you can’t say it just having your heart broken just know this I can wait forever to hear you say it”


Adam did not know what to say all he could do it cry tears of joy and place a gentle kiss on Kevin face


            “Hey don’t cry I like seeing a smile on your face” Kevin whispered into his ears


Adam was about to say something when he felt something lick his face which cause him to laugh


            “See even Secret likes seeing you smile” Kevin chuckled


That cause everyone to start laughing  


            “I promise I will always protect you and make you smile every day” Kevin promised staring right into his eyes


Adam knew he was telling the truth for as long as he knew Kevin he always kept his promises then out of nowhere the front door just swung open when both teens looked around to see who it was it was Kevin gang they all feel flat on their faces like they been listening thought the door like in a anime


            “It’s about damn time “in unison with a huge smile on their faces


That causes everyone to bust out laughing


            “Hey come one let’s get back to Kevs house and finish our game marathon” Tyler said with a grin on his face


            “Please you know I am going to kick your a*s when we get back” Kevin smirked while holding hands with Adam who looked like the happiest person in the world right now


            “Adam Kevin being mean make him stop” Tyler pouted


            “Sorry even I know better than to get in between that fight” with a small laugh


That causes the whole group to start laughing all the way to Kevin house


-Three Months Later-


After that night at Adam house Kevin made Adam move into his house with no complains, the gang even manage to drag Adam out for a night at the club Midnight a local 18 and under club, in the corner of the club sit a man looking for his next pray but he manage to find a familiar face…Adam a small smirk came to his face he remember how in love that kid was with him, he slowly walked over to the bar to “accidently” to run into him but he mange to get closer to the kid his mouth dropped when he saw what he was wearing.


Adam was wearing a tight black and white shirt, his dirt brown hair was down to his neck, he was wearing jean short that went down to his knees, on his feet were black clubbing shoes the kid looked hot


            “Whoa Adam I did not know you could look hot” Jason smiled looking him up and down


Adam quickly turned around to see Jason


            “Oh hey”


Then he turned around to order his drinks, Jason was really confused “What happened to all of that love he told me about” he was about to ask but then all of a sudden Kevin appeared out of nowhere and wrapped his arms around Adam waist


            “Now what did I tell you about running off” in a teasing tone which cause Adam to laugh


Jason never liked Kevin because every time they went over to his house Kevin and his friends would give him some nasty looks even there dog gave him mean looks


            “But you always seemed able to find me no matter where I run off to” Adam replied looking at Kevin,


            “Adam can you return to the table I want to talk to Jason…alone” in a soft but series tone glaring at Jason


Adam just nodded and went to the table where the rest of the gang was hanging out


            “Look I don’t want you anywhere near Adam again” with a growl in his voice getting up close in Jason face


For the first time in a long time Jason felt his whole body filled up with fear he slowly backed away and quickly walk out of the club. Kevin returns back to the table with a satisfied look on his face, the rest of his crew knew what he did


            “Kevin what did you do” Adam asked with a knowing smile plastered on his face


            “All I did was say thank you to that jackass for letting you go “placing a simple kiss on his lover check which caused Adam to giggle while the rest of the gang snickered a little


            “Come on we are here to have fun” Kevin yelled


© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Let me know what you think I wanted to add a supernatural ending but I did not do it

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Added on December 19, 2013
Last Updated on December 19, 2013
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Jonathan Biswell
Jonathan Biswell

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A novice writer who still has a lot of work to do, I do write guy x guy, yoai, boy love story whatever you want to call it, but I do keep it descent but I will write little teaser in there. I know my .. more..